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If you love historical dramas and the action associated with it, this is for you. The television series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories, which is a series of novels. You will come across many new characters as a part of season 4. You will meet Uhtred’s grow-up kids, a Danish warrior, amongst the myriad characters. The story takes several twists and turns, with many friends turning foes. So, you must watch this Netflix series, without any delay.

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Show Name … The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Last Kingdom Season 4

Ratings: 8.5/10

Genre: Historical Drama

Produced by: Ben Murphy

Director: Andy Hay

Casts: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Ian Hart, Emily Cox, Tobias Santelmann and others.

The Plot

The historical drama is back again with a bang.  This is one bloodthirsty historical drama. The Last Kingdom 4 is back with season 4. The story of the Saxon Viking-bred warrior is back to put you in a trance. In the story you will see the same person as the right-hand man of the King Alfred. Season 4 starts after the death of King Alfred. The dream of an independent England is not yet complete. Mercia and Wessex continue to fight for power. Uhtred plans his vicious attacks again, and plans to usurp his uncle’s kingdom. You will be coming face-to-face with life in the 9th century. Moreover, you will see King Edwards’ two sons – half-brothers Aethelstan and Aelfweard,  taking different sides to capture the throne. There will be a new set of characters coming to rock you, off the edge of your seat. You can download netflix movies and enjoy it all, in one move.

Engaging Storyline

The scenes open up with Uhtred finding out that Leofric has limited power over the kingdom, due to the Scottish attacks. He goes to Wessex to reclaim his lost land. He requests King Edward to assist him on this mission. However, the king is not willing to give any assistance. So, all the men including Uhtred, his son, Father Beocca, all set alone on the path to take it on themselves.

However, many things go awry in between, with the arrival of Leofric’s son. Many people change allies, and this creates a tough situation for Uhtred. So, the main character gets involved again in the war between the Saxons and the Danes. In the meanwhile, you will see Mercia getting attacked. You will find family legacy to be the strongest theme in this episode. The audience also sees Uhtred struggling to be a good father. The show looks forward to cement strong relationships. It is a must watch, if not for all the family drama, then for the blood-thirsty battles that take place. You must get the keepstreams netflix video downloader. This is what, most OTT platform aficionados aim to engage in today. You will surely have a great time unearthing the secrets.

Twists in the Tale

One of the major scenes of season 4 takes you to explore the relationship between Brida and Uhtred. Although they are close childhood friends, you will catch them developing a hatred. They were formers lovers too, but now become enemies. The reason behind this change of relationship dynamics, is Brida’s dedication towards Danish supremacy. They happen to have fought in the Battle of Tettenhall. Brida also got pregnant, in due course by Cnut. However, he later found out that he was the murderer of her true love. This led her to kill Cnut. Later she joined hands with a young, Danish warrior called Sigtryggr.

The character of Aethelflaed along with the Mercian succession, is yet another top point for discussion here. In the final moments of the show, you get to see the next generation of the Saxon Kings. Through the entire course, Uhtred manages to tie the Saxons together. He also continues to love Aethelflaed, although they broke up earlier. All in all, the season 4 promises to pack quite a punch, with aplomb.

Final Verdict

As stated earlier, the season 4 promises to pack a huge punch. And, you should catch up on all the fun, with keepstreams netflix video downloader. It is packed with a lot of tension and exhilaration. In the season finale, Sigtryggr gains control of the kingdom. You will also see Brida leaving for Winchester, to have a baby. However, she warns Uhtred, that she will definitely take revenge on all those who abused her.

After the bloody battle is over, Lady Aelswith falls ill. And, King Edward asks Uhtred, to take care of the first-born. You will get to meet many new characters in this series. However, the plot is a bit confusing at times, for all those who have not seen the first two seasons. The acting and cinematography is also excellent. The acting by all the stars is simply phenomenal and beyond any doubt, endearing. So, you must watch the movie on Netflix. The season is based on Cornwell’s seventh and eighth novels. The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne are the two novels being mentioned here. The season aired ten episodes in all.

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