How to Solve the Verizon Waive Upgrade Fee Issue?

Verizon Waive Upgrade Fee
Verizon Waive Upgrade Fee

Verizon is the most sought phone network as it brings one of the most reliable 5G networks with unlimited plans and perks. With its strong network, you can browse through an endless list of movies, tv shows, and sports channels.

Verizon customers enjoy extra perks and have easy access to the brands and events related to technology, music, and more. However, you will be levied a one-time upgrade fee when upgrading to a new smartphone.

Verizon has raised its upgrade fees to cover its increased expenses. But if you do not want to pay this fee, there are different ways for Verizon waive upgrade fee. So, if you are wondering how to get the Verizon upgrade fee waived, we have got your back! Read on to find out more about the Verizon upgrade fee waived.

What is the Verizon Activation Fee?

Verizon offers a diverse range of services with different plans and pricing options depending on the customers’ needs. However, you need to pay an amount for the service and device activation.

An activation fee is collected when you buy a new service line on the Verizon network. Verizon charges activation fees to cover its overhead costs like paying customer service staff, tower maintenance, and data center costs.

The company also uses the money to support underprivileged students and upgrade their technology.

Here are some other ways Verizon uses the activation fees that help customers indirectly.

  • Solving the problems related to Verizon Sim cards.
  • Quickly delivering services online within 2 days.
  • Providing in-store services by customer representatives and helping through online support.
  • Offering technical support for 30 days (60 days for online purchases).
  • Facilitating smart Setup services to help the customers while setting up a new device, transferring and backing up data.
  • Helping fix network issues quickly in case the network service is down.

Since the activation fee is an industry-wide standard, it is not expected that Verizon will forfeit the activation fee and lose its revenue. But considering the inconveniences caused to its users, Verizon has decided to relinquish the activation fees.

How to Get Verizon to Waive Activation Fee?

Verizon does waive the fee, but under certain circumstances and for specific customers.

So, if you become one of those customers, you will have a higher chance with an unlocked Verizon phone. Thus, you need to keep the old SIM card for better network reception and use it on the new device by unlocking it.

Another way is to call the customer support service. You can have a waive off 50% upgrade fee if you talk through the representative. If you are polite enough and the representative is a kind soul, you have a good chance of getting that 50% waive on your upgrade fee. But keep in mind that it is a matter of luck.

You can also reduce the activation fee by doing self-service. So, upgrade yourself and get your fee waived by half. You can further reduce the cost by calling and requesting Verizon customer support services.

If you don’t progress with the customer support service, you can redirect the call to the retention section, where you can talk to one of the several agents. They are the supervisors who exercise greater authority than the representatives. They also get credits from the company with several features to maintain their customers.

You can convince them to give you a Verizon waive upgrade fee by proving that you are a loyal customer with a good track record.

You can also get half of your upgrade fee waived using the My Verizon app to upgrade your device.

How to Avoid Verizon Upgrade Fee

How to Avoid Verizon Upgrade Fee 2022?

Here are some techniques to avoid paying the Verizon upgrade fee.

1. Liaise with the Retention Department

Decide on a good reason for the activation fees to be dropped and call the retention department. Since the company does not want to lose customers, this department will offer you discounts or fee waivers.

You can give them the reason for withdrawing, and here the supervisor might intervene and decide to waive your activation fees.

2. Do Online Activation of Your Phone

If you are not good at bargaining with the retention department, use another method. For example, you can try upgrading your phone online instead of getting it activated through a Verizon store or an authorized dealer.

If your activation gets completed online, there are no middlemen involved, and you are the one activating your phone. This way, you choose self-service. So, you can reduce the upgrade fee by half when you choose a self-service option.

3. Get a New Phone from Verizon

You can avail yourself of Verizon waive activation fee option by purchasing a new phone from Verizon. However, it is not obligatory to buy a new phone.

If you have an old phone at home, Verizon will activate the same as a part of their ‘Bring your device activation plan.’ Verizon does not charge any activation fees for this plan.

4. Switch Network Carriers

Few carriers do not charge activation fees. Hence, if you are not ready to shell out for the Verizon activation fees, switch to another carrier that does not have these charges.

However, there is no guarantee about the services of those carriers since they might have fewer network towers.

How Do Verizon Upgrades Work in 2022?

Verizon customers have an option to upgrade their device every 24 months; however, in 2022, they became eligible for upgrades after 20 months. Upon full payment for the device, the upgrades are available.

You can choose to upgrade your phones in-store or online. An early upgrade program helps you avail of this facility in 20 months if you have paid half the price of your phone.


The activation fee charged for various services and technical upgrades of Verizon can be sometimes burdensome for customers. So, you can try out the ways mentioned above to get Verizon waive upgrade fee.

You can positively get a waive if you have good persuasion and bargaining skills. In addition, being patient and polite can save you some bucks. You can also save by opting for self-service through the My Verizon app.