Microsoft 365 Free: How To Get Free Office On Your PC Legally

Microsoft 365 free how to get free Office on your PC legally

We are going to explain how to get Microsoft 365 free and the methods available to you to do so. This is the always up-to-date version of Microsoft’s office suite, which was previously called Office 365, and which allows you to have space in the cloud and use applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Before starting, you should know that you will only be able to have it for free in some very specific cases that we are going to specify. However, at the end of the article, we will also tell you how to use Office for free on your computer, with fewer features but equally free, legal, and unpaid.

Free for students and teachers

Currently, the only official way to get Microsoft 365 for free is through its student and faculty program, as long as the institution they work for or study at has signed up for the program for their faculty and students to get the suite. of office automation

If the school for which you work or study has contracted this plan with Microsoft, then you only have to ask the center for the access data for your account, and with them, you will be able to download the installer. Your account will have Microsoft 365 free while you work or study there, and you can install it on up to 5 different devices that use your same user accounts, such as a home PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

If your company uses the enterprise version

If you work for a company that has contracted the business version of Microsoft 365, this means that you will be able to ask the appropriate person within your work to give you a license to access the Office suite completely free of charge on one of your devices.

Here, you should know that it is normal for the company to give you the license so that you can use it on your work computer if you have one, and that they will not always give it to you for your home computer. This depends on the decision that each company wants to make, although the normal thing will be that they only give it to you if you use it to work from home.

Temporary if you buy a new PC

Although you probably did not enter here for this, you should also know that when you buy a new PC with Windows pre-installed, it is normal that you can enjoy a small free trial to be able to use the service temporarily.

These tests can be 3 and 6 months, and only last that long. Once the trial is over, then it will be up to you to decide if you want to continue using Office 365 or if you prefer to look for a free alternative like LibreOffice.

The web version of Office is free

Finally, you should know that the online version of Office is free. It’s not quite the same as Microsoft 365, it’s missing some options, but just go to and sign in with your Microsoft account to be able to start using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint right away.

As for the differences, in Word, you won’t be able to add citations and references or use advanced design features. Excel will lack advanced formulas, and PowerPoint has limited animations. However, the documents you work on will be saved in your free OneDrive space so you can access them from other devices.