Q12 Trivia, the mobile game with which you can win 2000 euros in 2 minutes

You wait for the game to start, in which you face thousands of other people from Spain. 10:00 PM arrives, you pick up your mobile and open Q12 Trivia. You answer the 12 questions correctly, and later you receive a transfer to your PayPal account of 2,000 euros.

Looking at the game mechanics, it seems clear why Q12 Trivia has become one of the phenomena of the moment. Tens of thousands of players from all over the world gather at the same time every day, leaving everything they are doing to attend this “program” hidden in an app on their phones. And just like in lifelong TV contests, prize money is the main claim.

It is not an innovative format, and perhaps that is the main reason for the success of Q12 Trivia. Its creators have been based on the famous HQ Trivia, founded by the founders of the social network Vine and a pioneer in this mobile game format. A game that has been able to bring together more than 2 million people from around the world in the same game, and that has come to distribute up to 400,000 US dollars in a single session.

This is Q12 Trivia, the question and answer game in Spanish where you can win real money.

In Q12 Trivia, they do not rest a single day of the week. Every day, from Monday to Sunday, those who have the game installed on their devices will receive various notifications advising them about the start of a new game in just a few minutes. At 22:00, from his studio in Madrid, the game presenter – Toni Cano or Juanjo de la Iglesia, depending on the day – will be ready to start with the round of 12 questions, which players must answer correctly if they do not want to be eliminated.

This is Q12 Trivia the question and answer game in Spanish where you can win real money.In each question, whose theme is random, the players will have 10 seconds to answer. If they do it correctly, they will advance to the next round, and if not, they will be eliminated from the game and will not be able to participate again until the next day.

The winners who advance to the round will be able to see at all times how many players are left in the game, a figure of the utmost importance since the final prize will be distributed among all those users who reach the end, that is, who correctly answer the 12 questions “If anyone succeeds.”

How to Play Q12 Trivia

When opening the game for the first time, it will ask us for a series of information necessary to register. First, we will have to enter our phone number, with which Q12 Trivia will verify the account through an SMS that will include a code, which will be necessary for the next step, in which the app will request it.

Before entering the game, we are given the possibility to invite a friend with our user link. With the phone number already verified, we will enter the user number we want to use in Q12 Trivia. We will receive a life extra to avoid being eliminated in a game when failing a question.

We are already registered, and we only have to wait for 22:00 Spanish time to start playing. Once the game starts, playing will be as simple as clicking on the answer that we think is correct in each question. In just over 15 minutes, the game will be over.

Although the game is made in Spain, it is possible to play from anywhere in the world. However, it is possible that the questions, especially those of general culture, are easier for those residing in Spanish territory. Still, the creators of Q12 Trivia have ensured that one of their medium-term goals is to extend the game’s scope to Latin America.

How much can you earn? A lot of money

According to the game’s instructions, the prizes of Q12 Trivia will depend on the day of the week on which it is being played. From Monday to Saturday, players who correctly answer the 12 questions in each game can win a total of 500 euros and even more, as we will explain below.

However, on Sundays, there is a special day, where the prize amounts to 2,000 euros per game.

It must be borne in mind, of course, that the prize is distributed equally among all the winners, and therefore, the more winners, the less money for each one. Once the game is over and the winners have been selected, Q12 Trivia will pay the prizes through the PayPal account chosen by the user.

“Double the money, double the fun!
Starting this Sunday, all our prizes will be doubled
. Challenge your intellect by competing live with more than 50k participants, and you will have the chance to win up to € 2,000 in cash! pic.twitter.com/lezMJtpOmZ- Q12Trivia (@ Q12Trivia) September 26, 2018

A game that distributes more and more money

At first, the prizes started at 250 euros from Monday to Saturday, and 1,000 euros on Sundays. However, the game creators promised to increase the jackpot as soon as they exceeded 50,000 participants, and they did so. Given that today the players in each game already exceed 100,000 – as I write these lines, there are a total of 123,500 players in the same game – it would not be surprising if the prizes continue to grow over the months.

Another aspect to consider is that if a game ends without any winner, the prize of that day will automatically accumulate to the jackpot of the following day so that the total will accumulate. The winners of the following day – if they would have–, will be able to take even more money. That is, the prize is not strictly limited to those 500 euros, but if there are no winners for one or more days, it will increase.

Q12 is a free game, something that has caused some doubts about the company’s way of making its creation profitable. Rooftop Development, however, points out that the financing comes from investors and own funds subsidized by the creators of the company. Therefore, anyone who wants to can download this successful question and answer game for Android through Google Play, and, who knows, maybe you will be the next to take the 2,000 euros next Sunday. To play!