Scan QR Codes with the best readers for Free

  • If you are one of those who scan a lot of QR codes, don’t miss the opportunity to install these free readers for Android.
  • How to download an application using a QR code on Android
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The QR code (quick response) is a module that stores information that the user can discover through the appropriate hardware and software. A feature that is currently available in a large number of apps and companies (such as a restaurant to see the menu), even recently, it came to WhatsApp to be able to add contacts more only. Some time ago, we explained how to download an application using a QR code on Android; now, we bring you the best free readers to scan QR codes.

In the case of the world of smartphones, these codes can be scanned with the device’s camera and an application to easily access stored information, such as links to a website or apps to download. Some codes can also be seen in other places, such as a soda can, a magazine, or the newspapers, so it is not a bad thing to have a QR code reader installed on your smartphone for this type of situation.

Scan QR codes with the best readers for freeHowever, the applications necessary to scan QR codes are not pre-installed on Android terminals in most cases. For this reason, from Andro4all, we wanted to bring you the best readers that you can download and install completely free to scan any QR code, although there are also many other alternatives.

QR Code Reader

QR Code ReaderQR Code Reader is one of the highest-rated readers on Google Play. Among its characteristics, it stands out that it is very fast, pricey, and robust. It is a very fast and easy-to-use QR code reader. When scanning a code, the app automatically decodes the QR code and displays the action at the click of a button. y, In addition, it also offers many compatible data types and more features that make it one of the most interesting readers to install.

QR Droid Code Scanner

QR Droid Code ScannerQR Droid Code Scanner turns your smartphone into a powerful tool for scanning QR codes, barcodes, and data matrices. In addition, it is capable of importing, creating, using, and sharing data in just a few seconds. Among its characteristics, it stands out for being an intuitive, complete reader that supports several languages, among other functions.


QR BARCODE SCANNERWith over 40 million downloads, QR BARCODE SCANNER is one of the most popular QR code readers on Android. An app that allows you to scan one of these codes quickly and easily. It even allows the user to decode text, URLs, ISBN, email, contact information, calendar events, and much more with a single click using the smartphone camera, image files, or line codes.

QR / Barcode Scanner

QR Barcode Scanner 1One of the fastest readers on the Google Play Store. It is an extremely easy-to-use app and allows you to scan and read all QR / barcode types, including texts, URL, ISBN, products, contacts, calendars, email, location, Wi-Fi, and many other formats. You can even use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons/coupon codes to receive discounts and save money.

QR Droid Private (Español)

QR Droid Private EspanolFinally, QR Droid Private (Spanish) allows you to transform your smartphone into a powerful QR code scanning unit. The user can import, create, use and share data in just a matter of taps. In addition, it is an intuitive reader with several functions and languages ​​that change how you interact with QR codes.