The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind


Although the popularity of standing desks has been on a steady rise in the past few years, L-shaped standing desks —also known as standing L-desks —have been left a little behind. Nevertheless, they are slowly picking up the pace.

While the market isn’t flooded with myriad L-shaped standing desks as is the case with their rectangular counterparts, there are currently plenty of options in the market to make sure you lay your hands on an L-shaped height adjustable desk that suits your needs, irrespective of your existing décor, budget, or space requirements. Even if that’s not possible, you can always take the DIY route.

You might, in fact, say that it’s easier to purchase an electric L-shaped sit-stand desk than your typical two-legged one because you only have fewer options to choose from. This review features some of the most popular models available in the market to help you make the right choice. You should be sure to find one that fits your needs, perfectly.

  1. iMovR Lander L-Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind-iMovR Lander L Desk

The Good: Comes in a wide range of color/size combinations compared to any other L-shaped standing desks. Tops are built from advanced Surf(x) 3-D laminate and are both ultra-durable and ergo-contoured. Wood grains are unidirectional for the whole desk surface, which is unique among L-shaped standing desks. The desk also incorporates high tech features, for instance the Bluetooth-enabled height control paddle, which links to your smartphone app. Moreover, you are able to log your individual height preferences and health coach settings in your phone. The iMovR Lander L-Desk has a warranty of 5 years on the desktop and 10 years of the base, which is arguably the longest warranty among the available height adjustable desks in the same category

The Bad: There is a noticeable slight groove amid the two tabletop sections, though it helps to preserve ergo-contouring throughout the desk’s edges and makes swapping the side table from left to right extremely easy.

Colors Available: The desk comes in up to 16 colors, including 2 nebula colors, 3 specialty colors (for example carbon fiber), 8 wood grain, and 5 solid colors.

Sizes Available: The main desk has a depth of 30 inches and comes in various widths, including 65, 71, 77, and 83 inches. The side table can have a depth of either 24 or 30 inches and comes in 65, 71, or 77 inch widths, for up to 24 size combos. The side table is also available in a “peninsula” variation, giving rise to an extra 16 size combos, for up to 40 different desk size options

  1. UPLIFT L-Shaped Custom Solid Wood Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind-UPLIFT LShaped Custom Solid Wood Desk

The Good: Incorporates natural wood, which is great upgrade from some of the less expensive UPLIFT desk models.

The Bad: The desk features a 90-degree intersection corner, which is substantially worse than the rather ergonomic radiused inside corner available on some of the less expensive desks. Also, it seems odd that the nice top has been paired with a sub-standard Chinese base. Moreover, the desk only comes in 30 inches deep tops on either sides (right and left). Assembly is also difficult.

Colors Available: The desk is available in 13 species of natural wood

Sizes Available: 60 by 60, 66 by 66, 72 by 72, 78 by 78, 84 by 84

  1. UPLIFT L-Shaped Custom Laminate Desk

The Good: One impressive feature of this desk is that it includes an ergonomic radiused inside corner rather than the 90-degree one available in other desks. It’s also available in two additional sizes. In addition, the desk is available in nebula colors, which is popular among various corporate buyers).

The Bad: The desk is designed with an awkward vertical groove at the intersection point of the two desktop sections. Furthermore, assembly is quite a task.

Colors Available: The desk is available in 4 wood grain, 2 solid colors, and 2 nebula colors

Sizes Available: 60 by 60 by 30, 66 by 66, 72 by 72, 78 by 78, 84 by 84

  1. UPLIFT L-Shaped Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind-UPLIFT L-Shaped Desk

The Good: It’s a nice entry-level L-shaped desk built with two grommet holes on each side of the table.

The Bad: Can only feature a dimension of 78 inches on one side, plus both sides can only go 30 inches deep. There’s also an awkward groove at the point where the two desktops intersect. Difficult to assemble as well.

Colors Available:  Rubberwood, bamboo, 4 wood grain, and 2 solid colors.

Sizes Available: 60 by 78, 72 by 78, 80 by 78

  1. Fully Jarvis L-Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind - Fully Jarvis L Desk

The Good: This desk is an affordable option and a good fit for the home office, especially the limited size offering.

The Bad: The Fully Jarvis L-Desk also features an awkward vertical groove at the meeting point of the two desktop sections. Also, the side tables come in a 27 inch depth, which is a variation from the industry standard of 30 inches or 24 inches. For this reason, the side table may either be too deep or too shallow for the typical cubicle configurations. Moreover, the included low-mounted stability enhancement bar is more or less a noticeable obstruction to the user.

Colors Available: Walnut, oak, and HPL black. Bamboo is also offered, though only in 81 by 60 or 81 by 72.

Sizes Available: 60 by 60, 72 by 60, 72 by 72

  1. MultiTable L-Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks That Will Blow Your Mind-MultiTable LDesk

The Good: Both simple and affordable.

The Bad: The HPL tops only feature ¾ inch thickness, whereas majority of the competition have tops with 1 to 1.25 inch thickness. The included motors are relatively weak, making them slow and light duty.

Colors Available: 3 wood grains and 2 solid.

Sizes Available:

Custom desktops: 24 inches by 47 inches by ¾ inches at a minimum and 36 inches by 84 inches by ¾ inches at a maximum

Extra-large desktops: 29 inches by 72 inches by ¾ inches

Large desktops: 29 inches by 57 inches by ¾ inches

Medium desktop: 24 inches by 48 inches by ¾ inches

Small desktop: 24 inches by 40 inches by ¾ inches


L-shaped standing desks are truly a force to be reckoned with as well. They offer a unique level of convenience, and come in several options that are pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking to migrate from your traditional desk to an L-shaped sit-stand desk, feel free to go for it because you might just like it.