Top 7 Workplace Wellness Tips


Figures indicate that on an average, 75-90% of people feel the need of seeing their physicians due to stress-related disorders. In most cases, these stress disorders are the direct outcome of work-related stress. Apart from the occupational pressure, the seating arrangement of employees and the atmosphere at a workplace also plays a significant part in it.

Over the years, the realization in this regard has grown exponentially among businesses. Sadly, most businesses still miss out on the important points to provide their workforce with the best amenities and workplace conditions. In fact, in the last few years, this has become one of the important benchmarks to gauge the employee-friendliness aspect of business organizations.

When it comes to marshaling human resources, no organization wants to take a backseat. Most companies allocate a significant component of their budget in carrying out the research in this connection. Why not? There’s a good reason for it. More than a luxury, it is a necessity as it has a bearing on the performance of the staff members of an organization.
Do you own a company and want to provide your workforce with access to the best workplace amenities and atmosphere? If yes, then here are some wellness tips for the workplace for you.

Arrange for the right kind of furniture

Arrange for the right kind of furniture
Workplace furniture differs from the pieces that are intended for personal use or for use at home. Most pieces of furniture that are meant for offices are designed to support the back of staff members for eight to nine hours a day. The working hours may differ from one organization to the other. If it involves a typing job, it is more likely to put an extra bit of stress on the palm and shoulders.

An ergonomic office chair can serve to assuage the concerns in this regard to a significant extent. Some workplaces also provide their staff members with workstations on a standing desk. It is also a useful piece of office furniture that not only suits the workplace atmosphere but also makes it comfortable for employees to use workstations with freedom when not much office space is available for use.

Ensure the connection between the staff members of the workforce

Individual performance has its own importance. However, it is collective performance as a team which makes a difference to the performance of a company. It is one of the reasons why a majority of organizations look for people who are capable of working with others on a team.

Ensuring connection among employees is one of the most important wellness tips for the workplace. It promotes the “we” feeling instead of the “I” feeling. When this happens, staff members not only think about improving their own performance but also think of ways in which they can contribute to the performance of a team. The social interaction among staff members of a workforce helps in breaking the ice and in encouraging a constructive conversation. Organizing fun activities occasionally also arouses this feeling.

Another way to foster collaborative spirit is to recognize and reward outstanding team effort. Other than the usual employee of the month award, consider giving out the best team of the month awards, complete with customized trophies or plaques and gift certificates or something equally valuable. Recognition and rewards are great ways to incentivize teamwork and excellent performance.

Encourage rest

Encourage rest
Working hours in offices can be hard on the body and mind of the employees of an organization. So, it is imperative that they get the opportunity to break the monotony. After all, working continuously without a break is no fun. Most companies have nap rooms for this reason.

A power nap can sometimes serve as a tonic to boost the performance of employees, especially when they do not get even sleep of minimum 7-8 hours at night. If you are planning to execute this idea along with the other wellness tips for the workplace, do not forget to consider the type of furniture you are offering to your employees. The ergonomics for the piece of furniture for this purpose would be as important as that of ergonomic chairs for office use.

Promote the practice of meditation

The importance of meditation for a job holder is a no-brainer. What makes it one of the most useful wellness tips for the workplace is the ease with which it helps one beat stress. The more you keep the staff members of your organization away from stress, better would be their performance and the retention of employees in your organization. It can set your company on the path to becoming a success story.

Remember that for a firm, nothing beats the idea of being able to retain its talented staff members.

When encouraged and practiced, the magical effect of meditation can do the job for you with the minimum of fuss. It can be a little challenging for you to introduce this habit to the employees of your organization. You could begin by announcing some perks for those who take part in it. It will help you in grabbing their attention.

Encourage breaks

No matter how energetic an employee is at the beginning of the day, the challenging part comes during the second half. The sustenance of the energy levels becomes a challenging proposition at this point in time. In most cases, this happens due to working non-stop.
Occasional breaks can help them in getting over the hurdle. A break would allow your employees to recommence their work with fresh energy. It is one of the best wellness tips for the workplace to adopt.

Heighten the level of awareness among staff members

Just like all the five fingers are not the same, the level of understanding of each employee on how to beat stress can vary from one employee to the other. As a part of adopting wellness tips for the workplace, think about arranging for the session to spread the message across the teams.

Celebrate the success of your company

Celebrate the success of your company
Your workforce can either seal or break the deal as far as the success of your company is concerned. Generally, they work hard throughout the year to change the fortune of your company. What can be a better way to cheer them up and motivate them than allowing them the chance to celebrate it? If it sounds good to you, do not forget to add this one to your checklist of top wellness tips for the workplace.

So, there you go – make a point of taking these wellness tips for the workplace into consideration to maintain a healthy professional relationship with your staff members. Some of these ideas may sound like a bit too kind and generous. But trying these out will pay you dividends in the long run.