What number called me: list of spam phone numbers to block

  • All these phone numbers are loaded with spam: we reveal where they call and what they want.

Has an unknown number called you, and you are unsure if it is worth returning the call? Are you answering calls from an unknown number, and there is only noise on the other end? When is a particular phone number worth ignoring, and when is it not?

Knowing who is hiding on the other end of the phone is more complicated than it seems. Sometimes even caller IDs are not used to give us clues as to whose unknown phone number is.

What number called me list of spam phone numbers to block

For this reason, we have proposed to collect all those spam phone numbers that so happily interrupt our lives to offer us services that we do not need.

This list will be updated with all the spam phone numbers that we come across. Of course, you can contact us through our social networks so that we include a specific number. Send us a message on Twitter or to our Instagram profile, including the number and reason for the call and, if it turns out to be spam, we will include it in this particular “blocklist.”

Finally, remember that in case you receive constant advertising calls, you can block that number very quickly. If you do not know how to do it, we recommend that you look at the tutorial in which we explain how to block spam calls on Android; once you have identified the number, it is straightforward.

With that said, let’s go with the list!


They have several numbers from which they call to offer telephony services. In other words: purely commercial calls, either to sell us a motorcycle or to “build loyalty,” should be blocked.

  • 601642517
  • 601641999
  • 983070391
  • 911875698
  • 601642513
  • 621231764
  • 621231766
  • 621231792

R Cable

Their calls are rarely widespread and are always aimed at advertising new promotions and offers. The good news is that if you receive a call from R, you are in Galicia, and that is always positive.

  • 988140029

Virgin Telco

Although the operator is relatively new, her tricks are older than Methuselah: inopportune and insistent calls.

  • 981140029
  • 910882607
  • 919032500
  • 983441500


At Yoigo, they want you to know that they have a new collection of offers that… no, thanks!

  • 911239217
  • 910601657
  • 910601383
  • 934302944
  • 928201229


Now we understand why they chose Loquillo as their brand image: Vodafone is willing to drive you crazy with all those calls. Block unceremoniously.

  • 960130457
  • 960 130 421
  • 925432167
  • 858953707
  • 911455779
  • 911515824


Their rates come with a lot of “love,” not their inopportune calls, which you will not get too fond of.

  • 691381738
  • 615805011
  • 692676519


Very simple. Blocking them is as easy as understanding their rates

  • 912016287


The yellow operator does his thing with purely commercial calls. Unless you want to hire MásMóvil rates, don’t pick up the phone.

  • 919057301
  • 910840386


If you want to save energy, don’t waste a second of your time picking up the phone with their commercials.

  • 604010011

Lumin Energy

It is a small electricity company that will call you to offer you its services. It is up to you to pick up the phone or not.

  • 923370209

DKV Insurance

The only sure thing with this insurance company is that they will try to sell you health insurance that, of course, you do not need. Direct to the blocklist.

  • 640100116


When they say, “come to our company, you will save on the bill,” they mean, “welcome to the free market, can you give us your card, please?”

  • 604060185

Investing company

They call from a number with a UK prefix to promise you the gold and the Moor based on investments. Block them, or you’ll be ruined.

  • +447 861180838
  • +447 871261825
  • +447 514933572
  • +447 528357064

Automatic calls

For some reason, there are more and more robocalls or phantom calls: the phone rings, you answer, and you don’t hear anything. As far as we know, many of these robocalls are related to telemarketing companies trying to sell questionable investment products. To block it has been said.

  • 881243942
  • 950930635
  • 911099813
  • 858953707
  • 944770524

We will update the article as phone numbers arrive.