What You Need to Know About Smart Tech Exchange


The Smart Tech Exchange is an online community that allows you to attach you with the teammate and split ideas, classroom success stories, insights, and lessons. It allows you to download, evaluate, find, and split over 30 thousand resources that can be used in numerous technology products classroom in one location that can be easily accessed. With Smart Tech Exchange, you can connect locally with your teammates or around the world to interchange lesson ideas, activities, classroom success stories and insights.

Smart Tech Exchange

Benefits of Using Smart Tech Exchange

  1.    The engage the learners with interactive resources

The smart tech exchange has a vast library of content to match the learning needs of the learners and engage them as well. The students can link to the diversity of multimedia resources and useful websites with Smart response question sets. Smart education specialists and teachers have both created standard-related Smart Notebook lesson activities that are accessible to the students.

  1.    Split lesson resources and activities

The smart tech exchange helps you to download the lessons that have been submitted by other teachers or even upload the lesson activities that you can share with them as well. With Smart Notebook Express, teachers can access smart notebook lesson activities anywhere and right away.

  1.    Easy to retrieve educational content

Anytime you want to search for content you can visit the Smart Tech Exchange and start to search immediately. With Smart Tech Exchange, you can also improve your results with the use of filters such as grade, media type, subject, popularity, and curriculum. You can also open a full visual preview to read mere details of the content that you find interesting.

  1.    Connect with other teachers

By the use of community feature in the Smart Tech Exchange, it becomes easy to cooperate with other teachers or with the Smart experts. With Smart Tech Exchange, you can create and join discussions on topics that are of importance to you, exchange of ideas, and finding of information. It is important to celebrate the achievements of your classroom, inspire your colleagues as well as share your knowledge with others.

Key features of Smart Tech Exchange

  •    Preview- before downloading the content you can get a full visual preview and read more information about it.
  •    Quick search- you can find any educational content immediately with an easy search that gives pertinent results.
  •    Smart Notebook Express- by using Smart Notebook Express you can open Smart Notebook lesson activities at any place and time.
  •    Share lesson content- you can upload the lesson activities of your own and even share it with other teachers.
  •    Smart Response question sets- find the evaluation generated by both Smart education specialists and teachers.
  •    Refined results- filter your results by grade, media type, recommendations of the teacher, number of downloads and curriculum.
  •    Community resources- teachers have created and rated thousands of Smart Notebook lesson activities that can be accessed by anyone.
  •    Discussion forums- In order to collect best practices and exchange and insight of ideas, you have to cooperate with the teachers.
  •    Smart integration- combines the content from Smart Tech Exchange effortlessly and faster and then adds the resources directly into a Smart Notebook with the ‘Add to Notebook’ characteristic.
  •    Smart Notebook lessons activities- discover thousands of lesson activities that are created by both Smart education specialists and teachers.

Using the Smart Tech Exchange Online Community

The smart tech exchange online community is a repository for a diversity of high standard, peer-evaluated digital content that one can use with his or her classroom technology. You will discover thousands of resources including questions that are set for Smart response interactive systems for a response, standards-corresponded lessons for Smart Notebook cooperative software for learning, links and other content of multimedia. You can also explore and browse content easily and faster by the curriculum, subject, popularity, media type, and grade. According to the Smart Products that you have in your classroom, you can filter the results.

  •    Downloading Resources

You can explore and download a diversity of resources that can be used with the Smartboard interactive whiteboard. Therefore, to download resources you are only required to type a keyword into the search box and then click the search button and the resources that are specific to your region will appear.

  •    Sharing of Resources

Sharing the resources that you have generated with other teachers will contribute to the Smart Tech Exchange community. On the menu bar of the Smart Tech Exchange, you will have to click share a resource and then fill out the fields required to share the resources that you have created.

  •    Connecting with Other Teachers

An online teacher is able to collaborate with their colleagues through the Smart Tech Exchange so as to exchange insights, classroom success stories, and ideas.

  •    Finding quality-corresponded lessons

In numerous regions, you can look for resources that have been corresponded to your local curriculum standards.

Smart Notebook Express

This is a web application that allows the teachers everywhere to unlock, interact with and split Smart Notebook combined files for learning software. This lightweight kind of Smart Notebook software is available online at all time and has no charges. Smart Notebook does not require any software to download or login instead, all you need is an internet to access.

Key Features

  •    Page Sorter– use page sorter to prospect Smart Notebook software as thumbnails, and then reorder your exhibition by directly pulling and dropping the thumbnails.
  •    Eraser- the eraser is used to erase any drawings or annotations that you make in digital ink.
  •    Multiple languages- the Smart Notebook Express is available in Spanish, United Kingdom, and the United States English, Italian, German, and French.
  •    Creative pen support– outlook and interact with any created object by the use of creative pen support feature in Smart Notebook Software.
  •    Text-editing tool- edit or add pages of Smart Notebook software and change the font color, size, and style.
  •    Table tool support– use the creative pen feature, view and interact with any created object in Smart Notebook software.
  •    Save- makes text changes or annotations to any file of Smart Notebook and save the file copy to your local computer.
  •    Screen shades– it conceals the data by pulling the screen shade over a Smart Notebook page and disclose it as current.

Smart Notebook 11.4 Download

Smart Notebook 10 is a strong learning application, which allows the educators to generate exciting and interactive lessons through its digital resources and its rich set of characteristics. It is easy to use Smart Notebook 10 application that enables the educators to generate lessons using multimedia, images and internet links, which support the attention of the students. It also issues you with almost 6600 learning objects, which are background, dynamic flash files, images, word games, and video or audio files. You can also store pictures or photos, notebook pages with the use of Smart notebook 10. With a Smart Notebook, you can generate your own gallery of objects, which is used while creating lessons.


The Smart Tech Exchange offers an excellent platform for both teachers and learners. It enables teachers to acquire and share relevant educational content while helping students to get useful resources that meet their learning needs. Besides, the Smart Tech Exchange allows teachers to connect with colleagues from around the globe through the online community.