Why Using AirPods With Android Is A Big Mistake According To Audiophiles

The AirPods have had great success since its launch. Many people use these wireless headphones from Apple on their smartphones to listen to their favorite songs at any time; there are even alternatives for Android. According to most purists of sound, using the AirPods with Android is a big mistake.

Wireless headphones are in fashion because they offer acceptable sound and are comfortable for users since they do not struggle with the cable. However, if you are an Android user, it is best not to use the AirPods on your device, as the AAC performs well enough on iPhones but does not work for Android phones, according to SoundGuys. Also, many smartphone manufacturers are betting on the absence of a 3.5mm jack.

The same medium ensures that AAC transmission is drastically different between the two systems, even though the difference between iOS and Android devices is increasingly shorter. AirPods only use AAC, a problem for Android, which does not offer CD-quality playback with AAC.

For this reason, you should not use AirPods on Android

For this reason you should not use AirPods on Android

In Android, Bluetooth codecs are handled differently depending on two factors: the quality of the connection and the Android Energy-Aware Programming algorithms, which determine the efficiency of a CPU. By having Bluetooth encryption as a lower-range task, Android can downgrade streaming quality in favor of energy efficiency.

ACC takes into account psychoacoustics, that is, the scientific understanding of how humans perceive sound. This feature consumes more resources than other Bluetooth codecs, thus requiring a lot of processing power. For its part, Android software is not designed to handle Bluetooth encryption efficiently.

iPhones, by benefiting from lower noise, can transmit quieter sound when transmitted through the AAC codec, and the difference from Android is quite noticeable. The connection of the AirPods also influences, since, in the iOS terminals, it is connected simply, while Android users have it more complicated. For these and other reasons, most purists advise using wireless headphones with AAC support on iPhones since the sound is better heard there.