8 Pages to download games on Android for free


If you are looking for websites to download free games of different themes and available for the Android operating system, you have come to the right place. Take a look at these options!

Android is currently one of the most widely used operating systems globally. And it is no wonder its system is very versatile and supports the possibility of installing all the applications you want as long as you have enough internal or external storage space, either on mobile phones or tablets.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of web pages designed to offer free game listings for download on Android. These applications can be of any type, is the most sought after those of productivity, teleworking, entertainment, and, of course, the desired video games. Do you want to know them?

These are the best pages to download Android games for free

  • CNET Download
  • Uptodown
  • Bad life
  • Apkpure
  • Getjar
  • Android-1
  • AppsAPK
  • Apkmonk

Although the platform par excellence to download games completely free for Android is Google Play, there are other good alternatives that you cannot miss. With them, it is possible to get a wide variety of high-quality and 100% secure titles.

It is important to emphasize that each of the games shown on these portals comes in. APK format; therefore, it is necessary to have the option “Install applications from unknown sources” enabled.

CNET Download

CNET DownloadOne of the main platforms to download free games for Android is CNET Download. It is a website full of software for any operating system, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

This portal has many applications, both basic (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and triple AAA video games. Downloading is very simple, and it has a very intuitive interface since you only have to search for the game of your choice, select it and click on the download button.


UptodownUptodown is another of the best websites out there to download free games on Android. Its system has hundreds of apps for any operating system and a special section for Android.

It is designed and distributed under certain categories that allow the classification of apps; among video games, you can get: racing, action, agility, MOBA, fights, role-playing, online, offline, adventures, Battle Royale, and more. The download is very simple; you just have to click on the desired game and look for the option “latest version”> “Download.”

Bad life

Bad lifeMalavida has become one of the most sought-after websites to download free games on Android. It is a super-organized portal to which you can access and have endless apps available of great relevance and popularity.

It clearly has a category section; in this way, you can search for the desired game, or to be more precise, you can use the magnifying glass option located in the upper right part.

When you choose an application or game, it will show you a brief description of it; you just have to click on the “Download” option, and the download will begin immediately.


ApkpureWhen we talk about pages to download video games, we cannot pass up Apkpure. This portal stands out because it has a wide catalog of options and titles from different developers totally free for Android.

Its interface is minimalist, easy to use, and when you access it, you will find the most downloaded and popular games of the moment. In turn, each title shows evaluations made by users who have enjoyed the game, which will give you references when choosing.


GetjarThe Getjar page is focused on high-end video games such as Forza Horizon 4, Tekken 5, Sims 4, Tekken 7, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, among others. The platform is quite modest, and without any invasive advertising, so it can be an excellent option when it comes to downloading paid titles for free on your mobile.

One point to consider is that to download the games, it is necessary to do it from mobile since it is not possible from the desktop version.


Android 1The Android-1 platform is perhaps one of the most complete on this list, and this is mainly due to its extensive catalog of applications, which has different informative sections, including a technology blog, news in the technological field, video games, programs, among other quite interesting topics.

In the menu, you will see the games section, where they stand out: action, cards, arcade, role-playing games, shooter, casual, missions, adventures, puzzles, strategy, and much more.

Once you select the video game of your choice, you will see some details and valuable information regarding (title, weight, requirements), and at the end, it will show a button to download for free on Android.


AppsAPKAnother web portal available if you are looking for a video game to download on Android is: AppsAPK. It is a good alternative to the Google Play Store, and anyone can access it.

In this platform, you can get applications for optimization, security, personalization, productivity, leisure, and, of course, entertainment and video games. The only peculiarity is that it has quite underground video games since many of these titles are not available in the Play Store.


ApkmonkLast and not least in this top we present: Apkmonk, who being last does not mean that it is less recognized than the previous ones, on the contrary, this platform is one of the most optimized and once you enter it you will have at your disposal the most popular games of the moment.

When you access and select a title from the catalog, you will immediately see the option to download; however, by navigating to the bottom of the page, you will see all the versions of the video game available for free download without any problem.

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