Best ChromeOS Laptops for Online Studies


Best ChromeOS Laptops for Online Studies

Do you own an old laptop that continuously kills your online classes’ mood? It could be time to upgrade to something that conveniently fits your study plan. Fortunately, you aren’t limited in options, as you can choose from numerous equally effective machines within an affordable price range.

Of course, Apple’s Mac offerings stand out among the most reliable units. But paying the expensive purchase costs is unnecessary, as various ChromeOS units can aid your studies and help you get the work done. In this article, you’ll learn about the most reliable Chromebooks for scholars. But first, let’s find out why more people prefer these devices for online classes.

Why Do Online Students Prefer Chromebooks?

Scholars have cast options when it comes to choosing the ideal study laptop. But why are most of them going for units running on ChromeOS? Well, numerous reasons attract scholars to this revolutionary series. The machines generally make a great fit for learners primarily looking for something to help them browse the web, process documents, and stream.

While these units mostly have limited storage, this may not be a major challenge for a Google-focused learner as they can use Drive or other storage peripherals.

Chromebooks’ pricing is another attractive feature of these machines. Since students mostly work with limited budgets, these machines can make great options. Some of them can cost as low as $100, but high-end brands like the Google Pixel may cost upwards of $1000.

Chromebooks also make great schoolwork machines as they only possess the essential features that aid learning. These machines don’t have heavy games or complicated applications. Therefore, scholars can easily attend their virtual classes with minimal distractions. Contacting and dealing with essay writer service providers without seeking a second device is also easy.

This computer also makes writing assignments and sharing papers (Google Docs) with tutors or guardians easy. There’s no need to print the papers, thanks to the Microsoft Office suite.

Chromebooks have minimal maintenance requirements, and you don’t have to do much to maintain device security. The machine has robust defense mechanisms to secure users and their data when browsing the web.

Finally, it’s almost impossible to break a laptop running on ChromeOS. If the user installs virus-laden software, they can easily correct the mess by wiping and resetting their laptop. In addition, while many advanced models have plastic casings and components, the devices are durable and can resist physical damage.

Best Chromebooks for Scholars

Enhancing your learning by selling for the most reliable ChromeOS machine is possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to search, as there are some reliable brands:

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is opening our detailed list, a highly reliable unit packed with many essential features for scholars. The manufacturer’s decision to remove the original Galaxy’s 4K display has paid off, as this machine was an instant hit upon its release. The computer now ranks among the most reliable and affordable ChromeOS laptops for scholars.

While Samsung may have eliminated this luxurious feature, the machine still has an impressive OLED display. In addition, it offers one of the longest battery lives of all units in this extensive review. The machine can last up to 8 hours, yet its predecessor can manage a mere 5 hours and 5t minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 also has outstanding sound quality. It’s also a fast machine thanks to its Core i3 configuration.

Notably, some scholars don’t like the unit’s vertical keyboard travel as it is slightly shallow. But considering its amazing capabilities, and value for money, you’ll do just fine with the learning curve.

Acer Chromebook 314

This reliable machine from Acer is affordable and has all the essential features that aid digital learning. The laptop performs all the basic functions that online scholars need, even though users must compromise some things for its affordability.

The computer needs a touchscreen and isn’t among the most impressive in speed. It has a 14-inch screen and 4GB of memory. Also, you’ll like its fair resolution, at 720p. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most portable Chromebook you’ll come across, as it weighs 1.7kg.

The above compromises are tiny niggles, and most of them may not deter students looking for the simplicity of Chromebooks. Even better, this PC is easy to use and features a strong battery spanning up to 13 hours. Therefore, scholars can expect astonishing value from it.

All that said, more than this reliable Chromebook is needed for academic excellence. In addition, you need the right academic support from experienced professionals. So check out this essayusa review to determine if this is the right service for you.

HP Draongfly Pro Chromebook

Chromebooks are known to prioritize value, and that’s why these devices are students’ favorite. However, the Dragonfly Pro from HP is built differently.

As you’d expect of a Google-powered machine, you can expect value for every buck. But instead of compromising the seemingly unnecessary capabilities, the manufacturer developed an amazing top-tier ChromeOS laptop. This priority is evident in this laptop’s quality display, sound quality, and industrial design.

This unit comes with remarkable dual-firing speakers, a 14-inch quality display with a touch screen, and a GEN keyboard. Therefore, it can match the indoor lifestyle of an online student. Most users also love the 8-megapixel front camera. The unit has a 2560 x 1600 resolution and offers 256GB SSD. All these features guarantee remarkable delivery with daily digital learning tasks.

Unfortunately, the laptop costs over $999, which can discourage most scholars. The cost beats the essence of purchasing a ChromeOS laptop: affordability.

Acer Chromebook 516 GE

The main attraction to the ChromeOS laptop category is its minimalistic nature and the value they offer to online students. But brief gaming in between sessions can be relaxing. Students who want to enjoy their favorite AAA games on their laptops must rely on expensive Windows and Mac devices. Fortunately, cloud gaming platforms have changed the situation for the better.

Online scholars can now access high-end titles on the web, and the platforms offer the necessary processing power via specialized servers. Therefore, learners can also use their Chromebooks for some fun. This Acer Chromebook is a top choice for apprentices who seek this experience.

This device has an expansive 16-inch display, wider than most laptops running on ChromeOS. Its 120Hz refresh rate and QHD resolution are enough to enhance your gaming. In addition, this computer has an Ethernet port that you can leverage when there’s a poor Wi-Fi connection. In addition, its top-firing speakers deliver great audio quality.

Understandably, all these amazing features come at a cost because this device is among the costliest Chromebooks. You won’t get value for your money if you’re not into online gaming.

Samsung Chromebook 4

Online scholars on a budget can find great value in this Samsung Chromebook. The most attractive feature of this machine is its battery life. It can last over ten hours before calling for the next charge. Also, the upper covering comprises a well-designed aluminum top. It’s easy to think that it’s a high-end laptop.

This ChromeOS laptop is slim and light than most machines at its level. However, the display supports touch input. Its width allows you to plow through schoolwork and stream classes clearly. However, the display isn’t great with colors and detail. Therefore, it’s not ideal for movies or online streaming.

Apart from its design, Samsung’s Chromebook 4 also delivers great performance. It enables seamless multitasking compared to most of its peers in this price range. In addition, it has excellent speakers, and a pair of quality headphones on the side is a great idea.

Learners with strained budgets can utilize this machine effectively. It packs numerous useful features for the price tag, making it ideal for studying from home. In addition, some of its features can come in handy outside users’ schoolwork.

HP Chromebook x2 11

A two-in-one laptop means users enjoy the greatest flexibility. This device has a detachable screen that can be a tablet or laptop when connected to the keyboard. Online students looking for this flexible design can use HP’s Chromebook x2 11.

This device is within the price range of its Dragonfly counterpart, so you must prepare a substantial budget for it. But the unit is quite flexible with a superior 1440P screen resolution. It also bears a stylish glass exterior and a speedy processor.

Most users also laud this machine’s strong battery life, serving upwards of 11 hours. It also comes with high-quality Bang and Olufsen speakers. However, the audio quality is within the normal.

Online Classes Laptop

Selecting Your Ideal Online Classes Laptop

This detailed piece highlights some affordable laptops for online studies, but making the right selection from the above options can still be confusing. Fortunately, you can overcome the confusion by considering several vital considerations.

For instance, you should choose a suitable budget range that aligns with your requirements and affordability. It’s also important to consider a capable processor for smooth multitasking. In addition, a study computer should have at least 4GB of RAM for simple school activities or over 8GB for smoother performance with multiple tabs and apps open.

Check for the machine’s storage capacity, battery life, and display quality while searching. Moreover, ensure your machine has sufficient ports and Android App support.