Top Laptops for Students in 2021


As a student, you need to be able to work hard and invest all your efforts into achieving the academic results you’ve set as a goal for yourself. To do that, you need the proper resources and tools that will make this process easier and more efficient. Having a high-quality laptop is on top of the requirements list since you’ll need it to attend online classes, do assignments, communicate, and study successfully.

If you’re not sure what laptop would be a good investment for you as a student, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of top laptops for students in 2021 that will help you choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Top Laptops for Students in 2021

1.MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

The first laptop on our list is for those students who prefer the macOS and are trying to stay on a budget. Here’s what you need to know:

  • CPU: Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU
  • Graphics: Integrated 7-core – 8-core GPU
  • RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB
  • Display: 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600
  • Storage: 256 GB-2 TB SSD

Students find this laptop to be light and easy to transport, with great battery life to support all their long hours of work. The M1 silicon chip further boosts the speed and responsiveness of the laptop, making it a student favorite.

Plus, with the amazing performance it offers, we can say that the price range, starting from $957, is fairly affordable.

Check Amazon deals for this laptop.

2.Dell XPS 13 (late-2020)

For those students who need a more powerful laptop and have a less tight budget, the Dell XPS 13 premium Windows model might be the right choice. The characteristics speak for themselves:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3/Core i5/Core i7 (11th Gen)
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe
  • RAM: up to 16 GB
  • Display: 13.4-inch, 1920 x 1200 or 4K
  • Storage: 256 GB-2 TB

This laptop is an improved version of Dell’s previous models, being lighter, more powerful, and beautifully designed. It’s perfect for those students who need a reliable laptop and will use it to deal with most of their college assignments.

The price range starts from $999 and goes up to $2500, based on the model you choose. Try to find the best deal on Amazon.

3.Acer Swift 3 (2020)

You don’t have to make too many compromises and give up on significant laptop features to have an affordable laptop. Acer Swift 3 will fit your tight budget but make sure you can handle all your daily student tasks and be satisfied with the performance.

Acer Swift 3 comes with the following characteristics:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe
  • RAM: up to 16 GB
  • Display: 14-inch 16:9 FHD IPS
  • Storage: up to 1 TB

If your student needs are mostly writing papers and preparing presentations, this model will do the trick. If you struggle with writing assignments, you can pay for research paper and take some load off your back. Anyhow, this laptop will serve you just fine for all the usual writing, googling, and material downloading

This laptop is light which makes it easy to carry from class to class. It’s not the most powerful on our list, but it’s affordable and dependable. Prices can go as low as $650, but you’ll have to look for the best deal on Amazon.

4.Google Pixelbook Go

If you’re looking for a Chromebook laptop at an affordable price, this model is highly recommended. It’s made for budget consumers, but it’s a premium model that comes offers more than other Chromebooks.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • CPU: Intel Core m3 – i7
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 615 (300MHz)
  • RAM: up to 16 GB
  • Display: Full HD Display – 4K Ultra HD Molecular Display
  • Storage: up to 256 GB

This Chromebook is beautifully designed and has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours. The major selling points are the 1080p webcam and the amazing keyboard, which justify the price of this Chromebook.

Students love it for its affordability and the fact it can handle all their assignments without much trouble. You can find it on Amazon for a price of around $600.

5.MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

For those students who love Apple devices and want a more powerful and resilient laptop, the MacBook Pro comes across as a great choice.

This Apple device comes with a powerful performance and enviable characteristics:

  • CPU: Apple M1 chip
  • Graphics: Integrated 8-core GPU
  • RAM: up to 16 GB
  • Display: 13.3-inch, 2560 x 1600
  • Storage: up to 2 TB

This Mac is perfect for IT, tech, and design students who need speed and huge battery life. It’s definitely worth investing in if you need more than the average laptop for basic student needs. Check the best deals on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When you’re choosing a laptop for your needs as a student, you have to consider so many factors. Based on your budget and personal preferences, you’ll be able to choose a model that fits your standards and your needs.

Hopefully, the list we’ve put together will help you make the best choice and choose a laptop that will serve you even after your student years.