Storage Needs for iPad Pro Users


If you use an iPad Pro, you probably know how helpful they can be, considering that they are some of the most powerful tablets on the market. There is no limit to what you can do on an iPad Pro, and even if you have no interest in the world of designing and drawing, you would still be better off with an iPad pro than any other tablet around. Some consider tablets to be more accessory than hardware, as if they are to be used in only certain situations. Laptops and tablets are no longer in so much of a competition, but rather a race, and given the technological advances of the iPad Pro, it is a race that Apple’s flagship tablet is winning.

Perks of the iPad Pro - Storage Needs for iPad Pro Users

Perks of the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the real deal when it comes to tablets. Even if you consider yourself a computer or laptop fan, a few minutes with the iPad Pro will have you reconsider the way you work and play. Many who have overlooked tablets up until now consider them to be more limiting than accommodating. For example, something many can’t get passed is the lack of a keyboard. This leads to arguments that a tablet is just a larger phone, and in many ways, that was true with older models of iPads and tablets. Now, however, the abilities of the iPad Pro are unmatched, and depending on your Macbook or laptop model, it may be packing more power and features than you have now with your “versatile” computer.

All Screen Design

Something many did not understand when Apple began marketing the iPad Pro was the idea that it was built with an all screen design. That’s not to say that the entire tablet is a screen, but in turn, the screen itself is optimized for all angles. Not to mention, the iPad Pro series has a complete screen – there is very little bordering when you view the iPad Pro from the front. This is so that the user has access to as much of the tablet’s space to create as possible.

No matter how you use your iPad Pro the all screen design is made to allow you maximum space for creating, viewing, or even just the option to use every inch of the screen. There is no longer any landscape versus vertical favoritism, instead, the iPad Pro’s unique design allows for optimum control over how you like to work.

Liquid Retina Display

If you have ever used an Apple product, you are familiar with the idea of the Retina display. Basically, iPhones and Macs began including Retina displays in 2013 to push the envelope on what we consider to be good visuals on a piece of tech hardware. It’s likely that you have become very accosted to this level of resolution, so much that if you saw a device that was even 8 years old, you would think it was 18 years old due to the change in visuals and lower resolutions.

Liquid Retina pushes it one step further, and is included in the iPad Pro line. Essentially, Liquid Retina has just as much to do with visuals of still images and videos as it does with the responsiveness of the interface. ProMotion technology is included in the iPad Pro’s Liquid Retina and makes everything from each and every touch interface to application animations are smooth as silk.

A12X Bionic Power - Storage Needs for iPad Pro Users

A12X Bionic Power

This is all possible thanks to the iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic chip. This chip would work well in a computer, but in a tablet, it makes the experience of using an iPad feel like the first time you ever used a smart device. This chip allows the Apple Pencil to function with precision unmatched by any stylus around, and gives you the control you desire when you are working on your projects, be it for work or fun.

Storage and Space

Something many do not consider when buying a new tablet or phone is the amount of space they may need in the future. Because Apple devices are a bit more expensive than some other brands, the lowest option available may be enticing. That means, unfortunately, you will be working with a lower amount of storage. At the very least, users should consider a few things before making their decision.

What Do You Use Most?

If you are purchasing an iPad Pro for the reason many do, creating and drawing, you need to keep in mind that each file and project takes up space, and it can add up fast. In a year, you could easily have 64GB worth of work on your iPad Pro, meaning a larger amount of space would be ideal.

If you do more entertainment on your iPad Pro, keep in mind that the games that are higher end in terms of quality take up a decent amount of space. If you want to play something like Catan or XCOM-2, you will want more space than less, especially if you do other things as well.

In the end, it all adds up, so you might want to spring for the 128GB option. At the very least, you can use this as a base level of space, and then purchase an Apple iCloud subscription for more if need be. You will not be upset if you have extra space, especially as you download more and create more intricate projects as you go.


At the end of the day, the iPad Pro is one of the most versatile pieces of smart tech around, and if you are on the fence about getting one, go try one out at an electronics store. If you love it, do not short yourself on less space. Projects and creations take up space, and you won’t want to run out within your first year or so. 128GB iPad Pros are a great level to begin with, and if you need more, go ahead and sign up for more digital save space on the iCloud. You will not regret working with this amazing tech.