How To Add Polls And Quizzes In Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories section has become a great asset of the social network, a tool that most users use several times a day. Although Instagram has been overtaken in downloads by the meteoric rise of TikTok, the app and its Stories kept users engaged in 2018 with a whopping 444 million new downloads.

Instagram Stories adds endless possibilities to the use of the social network, being able to share music, questions, or countdowns with other users (or see their stories without them knowing). Among the functions of Stories, there are also polls and questionnaires, some very interesting elements that allow you to know the opinion of other users without any difficulty.

How to add polls in Instagram Stories

How Instagram Stories polls work is very basic: you ask your followers a question and give them two options to answer it. If you have a public profile, any user will be able to participate in the survey, except those who you have blocked in Stories.

To add this item to one of your stories, you must first tap on the camera icon that appears at the top left of the screen or swipe to the right. After following this step, you will be able to take new images or publish some that you have saved in your gallery.

When choosing the photo with which you want to publish the survey, several icons will appear at the top, the important one for us is the third one, a smiling face with one of the corners bent. You can also access the “Survey” button by swiping from bottom to top, it will take you to the same place as the icon we mentioned before.

How to add polls in Instagram Stories

Among all the possible functions, select “Poll” to prepare the question and answers you want to publish. By doing so, you will see that you have a text bar to enter the question. You can also modify the answers, which do not have to be “Yes/No” by force. Once you are done with the survey, press “Done” to add it to your story. You will only have to decide between publishing it for all your followers or sending it only to some contacts.

How to add polls in Instagram Stories 1

Once the survey is published, you can select “Seen by” within your published stories to see how the results are going, who has responded, and which option each user has chosen. Even if the required 24 hours pass and the story disappears, you can always check the results from the story archive.

How to add quizzes on Instagram Stories

The process for adding quizzes to Instagram Stories is very similar to the one followed for polls. The first thing you should do is enter the section to take a new photo or choose from those stored on your phone.

Doing so will take you to the screen with the icons at the top that will allow you to add different elements such as text or download the content. Select the middle button, the one with the smiley face with a folded corner, or swipe up to find several options including “Quiz”.

How to add quizzes on Instagram Stories

Select this button to be able to modify the data with which you want to carry out the questionnaire for your followers. You can choose the question and give it different options to choose from. By entering the second answer, Instagram will let you add a third, and even a fourth.

When you have defined all the details, press “Done” to be able to add the post to your story or send it to some contacts. Once sent, you will be able to consult the answers of the users entered in your published stories and press “Seen by”. Also, you will always be able to see the final results from your story archives.