What You Need to Know About Samsung TV Plus Channels List

Samsung TV Plus Channels List
Samsung TV Plus Channels List

Samsung is a trusted household brand-name, of a renowned and distinguished electronics giant that manufacture smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, refrigerators, TVs, etc. Apart from being an electronics manufacturer, and retailer, Samsung is also in the entertainment industry, whereby, it offers TV services.

Everyone loves to be entertained, and feel happy when they are watching their favorite program, sports, thriller, news, documentary, music, comedy, talk show, reality show, etc., on TV. There is a long list of channels that Samsung TV Plus offers, and they are in different genres.

Amazingly, Samsung TV has diversified its content like this, to fit different tastes and preferences of its viewership. Wherefore, nobody feels left out, because whatever kind of approved content you want is available in the long list of channels.

You are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for when you browse Samsung TV Plus channel list. This is an ad-supported service that broadcasts on channel 4000 and above, on the recent Samsung smart TVs. You will require at least 10 Mbps of internet download speed.

It is easy for you to access Samsung TV Plus through various platforms such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
  • Samsung Free App
  • Samsung TV Plus

There are free channels that you can watch that are aired in Freesat channels on channel 1, which is Freeview, or channel 101, which is Freesat. This depends on whether your Samsung TV is connected to an aerial, or a satellite dish, because some TVs are not compatible with satellites.

What is new in the Samsung TV plus channel list?

There are new and amazing channels that have recently been added to the Samsung TV list. Some of them include the 80s & 90s nostalgia throwbacks, Holiday Movie Pop-up, etc. The newly added channels increase the number of channels to over 190. Surprisingly, you will access all of them for free.

Unlike other TVs that have premium plans that require renewable monthly or annual subscription to access their services, Samsung TV Plus airs its content absolutely free of charge. Regardless of whatever genre of content you want, you will not be charged a single penny. Wherefore, there are neither subscriptions, nor downloads that are required to stream.

You can access Samsung TV Plus on myriad Samsung Smart TVs that were manufactured from 2016 to present. Alternatively, use your Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the USA, and 23 other selected countries to access Samsung TV plus.

Samsung TV plus channel list

Here is what the TV plus channel guide entails

  1. Documentary+: This is the most recent service that you access for free, whereby, you get a wide range of documentaries, because it is designed to make it feel personal and curated. Some of the documentary genres include:
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Comedy
  • Pop culture
  1. Family Ties: This is a famous sitcom that even won the Emmy Awards in the 1980s, and made Michael. J. Fox a house-hold name.
  2. TV Land Drama: This is a conglomeration of the best TV drama shows of all time that include:
  • Hunter & the Groundbreaking 21 Jump Street
  • Silk Stalking’s
  1. NBCLX: This is a storytelling channel with an innovative approach to news that mainly focuses on revealing, and answering the question “Why”:
  • Tech
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Current events
  • Pop culture
  1. 80s Flashback: This is a powerhouse of nostalgia, whereby, you watch music videos of the 80s. Some of the content that you will view is the cult classic deep cuts, radical hits, and all the classical memorable moments of the old school days.
  2. 90s Throwback: What do you expect to see in this channel? The following:
  • Hip-Hop
  • Grunge
  • Dance Pop
  • RnB’s golden era, etc.
  1. Crime Zone: If you love watching crime related content, this is the ultimate channel for you. The content includes crime buffs, thrillers, mysteries, etc.
  2. Holiday Movies: The channel is for movies that have holiday themes to make you feel good, and you are watching the right content that tallies with the moment. The holiday movies are available 24/7.
  3. The Challenge: In this channel, you will watch all ruthless gameplay on MTV’s The Challenge, death-defying battles, and amazing competitions. This is not for the soft-hearted, because competitors face and deal hell on earth, plus each other, so that they can win and reap handsomely.
  4. Vevo Holiday: Here, you will watch classic, and current videos that help you to celebrate the season by watching some of the iconic artistes like John Legend, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, etc.
  5. Origin Sports: This channel is for sports enthusiasts. You will see sports legends before they their stars shone to become who they are now. It also involves celebrating great games, great players, and great plays from the past up to present, and the future too, if that were possible.

How to Access the Samsung TV Plus app on your Samsung TV

As aforementioned above, the Samsung TV Plus app is freely accessible, not to mention that it is an ad-supported streaming service that provides you with over 190 curated channels. Predominantly, the service is offered in the USA, and 23 other selected countries worldwide. After knowing all what this service has to offer, the next question that lingers in your mind is, “How to access Samsung TV Plus app.”

Samsung TVs that were manufactured from 2016 to present are the most convenient way of accessing Samsung TV Plus app. However, you need an internet connection to make it possible. With these two in place, follow this procedure to make it happen (Tv Users Manual):

  • Turn your Samsung TV on
  • Use the app bar at the bottom of your TV screen to go to the Samsung TV Plus app
  • Click on the Samsung TV Plus app to move into the experience

The Samsung TV Plus app is found on the far end on the left hand side of the screen, in a fixed position. Apart from the app only being limited to smart TVs, Samsung also launched a web version of this app. With it, you can cast the content using Chromecast with compatible Google TV devices.

Samsung TV Plus US Channel List

Samsung TV Plus US Channel List

This is the comprehensive channel list, and lineup, depending on the genre that they fall in. All these are placed there for your consumption:

  1. Genre: News & Opinion
  • CBSN 1005
  • LiveNOW from Fox 1006
  • ABC News Live 1007
  • NBC News NOW 1008
  • Bloomberg TV+ UHD 1015
  • Cheddar News 1016
  • Yahoo! Finance 1017
  • TODAY All Day 1019
  • Newsy 1020
  • Bloomberg Quicktake 1021
  • USA Today 1023
  • Black News Channel 1024
  • Newsmax 1027
  • Real America’s Voice 1029
  • TYT Network 1032
  • NBCLX 1034
  • WaetherNation 1037
  • Local News 1 1041
  1. Entertainment
  • ALL ACTION 1050
  • Stories by AMC 1052
  • TV Land Drama 1055
  • HeartLand 1058
  • Drama Life 1060
  • Bounce XL 1061
  • ION Plus 1062
  • Baywatch 1063
  • The Walking Dead Universe 1065
  1. Crime
  • Law & Crime 1077
  • Crime Zone 1125
  • Crime 360 1126
  • G: Mediacl Examiner 1128
  • The New Detectives 1130
  • Forensic Files 1131
  • Court TV 1133
  • Unsolved Mysteries 1135
  1. Game Shows
  • BUZZR 1139
  • Game Show Central 1141
  • Deal or No Deal 1143
  • Fear Factor 1144
  • Wipeout Xtra 1145
  • Wild ‘N Out 1147
  1. Sports
  • GOLFPASS 1155
  • beIN SPORTS XTRA 1157
  • fubo Sposrts Network 1158
  • Stadium 1159
  • SportsGrid 1160
  • Pac-12 Insider 1161
  • ACC Digital Network 1162
  • Origin Sports 1163
  • IMPACT Wrestling 1164
  1. Food, Home & Travel
  • Tastemade 1201
  • Bon Appetit 1202
  • Gusto TV 1203
  • America’s Test Kitchen 1204
  • Hungry 1206
  • Tastemade Travel 1207
  • Journy 1208
  • Million Dollar Listing 1210
  • Tiny House Nation 1211
  • This Old House 1213
  • The Design Network 1215
  • Loupe 4K 1220
  • QVC 1223
  • HSN 1224
  1. Reality
  • Lively Place 1235
  • Skills + Thrills 1236
  • All Weddings WE TV 1238
  • All Reality WE TV 1239
  • Hell’s Kitchen 1240
  • Kitchen Nightmares 1241
  • Project Runway 1243
  • MTV Pluto TV 1245
  • Love & Hip Hop 1246
  • The Challenge 1247
  • Dallas Cowboys Cheer 1248
  1. Latino
  2. International
  3. Comedy
  4. Gaming
  5. Kids
  6. Science & Nature
  7. Sci-Fi & Horror
  8. Movies
  9. Music

The channels are too many to name one by one. However, there are a whopping 16 genres with myriad channels that you can stream for free. This is the factor that makes Samsung TV preferable, because you do not spend anything to watch.

If there are channels in the list that you do not want to watch, you can decide to do away with them by deleting them from the list.

  • Select the Channel List and choose Edit Channels
  • Select the exact channel that you want to delete by checking it
  • Select delete


In conclusion, Samsung TV Plus has 16 genres of content, and you have the freedom to choose the kind of content that you want to stream. Amazingly, the content is available for free, and you do not pay even a single penny, nor are you required to download, or subscribe to stream. It is very easy, absolutely free, and convenient to stream whatever you want to watch on Samsung TV.