The Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons you need to Download


The internet is a brimming hub filled with different types of content. As such, individuals tend to utilize it for varying purposes. According to a study conducted by Hootsuite, a social media management firm, device users spend almost 7 hours of their time online every day.

The Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons you need to Download

Mozilla Firefox remains a top-tier browser owing to its efficiency. One of the best ways to maximize the web surfing experience on this browser is by using add-ons. Tons of add-ons are available in Mozilla Firefox’s store and are developed by tech groups and communities. 

Some of these add-ons cost a small amount of money while others are free. Below, you’ll learn about the best Firefox add-ons you need to get for a better browsing experience. 

The Coolest Mozilla Firefox Add-ons you should Install

Adblock Plus

When you’re browsing websites on Mozilla, you must have visited pages with lots of irrelevant ads. The density of these adverts can lead you into clicking one by mistake and getting led to another website. This practically ruins your internet surfing experience.

With the Adblock Plus add-on, you can block unnecessary adverts and pop-ups. This way, it offers protection from websites containing malware. This add-on can also be configured to display certain ads you think you might need.

Adblock Plus can be used to prevent the display of certain types of content. This can be activated with its in-built filter.


Ever seen your friends ‘edit’ a webpage’s content to make up cool stuff? You can do exactly that and more with GreaseMonkey. This tool is used to modify the content of a webpage to your taste.

This feature can be enabled through the installation of scripts that are used for different purposes. Some of the scripts can be used for automating tasks as well. For instance, the script could be used to like every post on a Twitter page or share all posts on your Facebook timeline.

These scripts are created by different tech communities. They’re mostly written in the Java programming language.


When we type, several things go through our minds. Usually, we’re bound to make spelling or grammatical errors. Imagine you’re conversing with a client using your Firefox browser and you click ‘send’ on a poorly worded sentence.

Depending on that client’s tolerance for mistakes, you could lose that job. Grammarly is a plug-in that rectifies spelling and grammatical mistakes in your text. This check is performed immediately while you’re typing. You’ll be given the option to correct the perceived mistake or leave it as it is.

Grammarly offers a lot more than just spell check and grammar correction. It detects punctuation errors, plagiarism, suggests similar but better words to provide clear meaning, and so on. 


When you’re working, every element in your environment makes or mars your productivity. This is why individuals choose spaces with a positive aura. Tabliss adds to that favorable atmosphere with its unique customization of browser tabs.

You can use this tool to bring up a different background for your browser tabs. You can choose image backgrounds from different free stock photo websites. There’s no need to be worried about website loading time as the add-on is built to prioritize speed.

You’re offered the freedom to add widgets to your pages too. These widgets generally range from weather reports to sticky notes.

Virtual Private Network

As is evident from the name, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides internet surfers with a network customized for privacy. With this network, every bit of communication remains encrypted and safe from all third parties.

When using the internet, all forms of entities can track your activity. Advertisers can track you for their use. It’s why when you’re thinking of a pizza, you can get served with a pizza ad out of the blue. Your internet service providers track you. The government’s also trying to track your web activity too.

When you get yourself a VPN, this data becomes totally private and only known to you. Your VPN also changes your IP address to protect personal information like your location. Your data also gets protected from criminals that hijack public Wi-Fi networks.

A hacker on a free Wi-Fi network can spy on sensitive information like your account login credentials and credit card details. Problem is, the hacker can look like a regular guy and you’d never catch a whiff of what the hacker is doing. A VPN download will save you the trouble of having to wonder if anyone’s snooping on your data.


LastPass is a password manager that can be used to store all your passwords. To access any of these passwords, you’ll need to remember the master password which will be used to log into your LastPass account.

The benefits of password management services extends to the creation of very strong passwords too. Passwords that are used across accounts can be utilized by hackers. This way, if the password of a single online account of yours is gotten by a hacker, your other accounts can get compromised too.

LastPass creates a new and unique password for every new account. Thinking up new passwords all the time could be time-consuming and distracting. The add-on can be used to autofill passwords on different websites too. The advantage LastPass has over Mozilla Firefox’s auto-fill is its increased protection.


Gotten frustrated while searching for a website to download a funny Twitter or Instagram video you viewed? VideoDownloadHelper is used to download videos from social media websites like Twitter and Facebook or search engines like YouTube.

With a simple click of the tool, you’d be able to get all the cool videos you want. You’d also be able to convert video to audio and join multiple files. This add-on also helps you save images as a bonus. 

There are also certain hacks that you can use to download videos from the internet. This procedure needs no download of an add-on and is quite simple.

Dark Reader

This particular add-on makes the dark mode option available for you while you’re browsing Firefox. While you’re browsing the web at night, this tool can come in very handy. You’d be able to customize your brightness level and dark mode color choice. This add-on will also make recommendations based on which websites dark mode should be used on.

Final Thoughts

People spend a whole lot of time browsing on computers. Add-ons can expedite several processes, making the web surfing experience worthwhile. After all, what’s worth doing is worth doing well.

You can use VideoDownloadHelper to download videos online, Adblock Plus to better your browsing experience, and Tabliss to get beautifully themed backgrounds for your Firefox tabs. LastPass and VPNs can also be used to boost your system’s cybersecurity level.