Verizon *228 Not allowed: How Do You Fix It?

Verizon *228 Not allowed
Verizon *228 Not allowed

If you are well familiar with Verizon, then you must have faced the ‘*228 not allowed’ problem many times. Well, Verizon is one of the most popular messaging applications right now, which is surfacing with its user base due to its plenty of unique features.

However, encountering some of the drawbacks while using it can be daunting enough.  And the “*228 not working” is one such issue that can give you hard times. However, you can fix it easily when you know how to do it. Here is a quick guide for you.

What is “*228 not working” on Verizon?

What is *228? *228 is a code that is used to update the PRL or the Preferred Roaming List and to activate other devices. However, some of the Verizon uses most of the time complaint issues regarding the inability to dial the *228 code from any particular device.

Sometimes it might also show an error message saying that the number is now allowed. Also, it returns with a message saying that the code is incorrect. In case you are facing any of such issues, then you will need to opt for troubleshooting.

Ways to fix the error on Verizon’s ‘*228 Not Allowed’ error

To kick off the setbacks with such error codes, you can opt for three simple methods, which will help you solve your problem quite easily. But before jumping into those methods, you need to ensure that you are using the right process for the activation.

Here is a quick guide on how you activate Verizon on your phone.

Here is how do you do it for your 4G LTE mobile phones

If you are a customer of the new Verizon wireless service, then you have to follow these steps:

Step 1:  First of all, go with the instructions that you get on the manual to input and put in your new SIM card along with the battery. Then, simply charge your phone properly.

Step 2: After that, you will need to turn off your phone.

Step 3: The activation on your phone will start automatically. Follow further steps to accept the Customer Agreement.

As an already Verizon Wireless customer, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Save all your contacts from your previous device with a visit to Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant. Check out “How to Back Up your Contacts” for further instructions.

Step 2: After the backup, turn off your old phone.

Step 3: Then, dial 1-877-807-4646 from your phone to follow the prompt for the cavitation of the 4G LTE server.

Step 4: Remove your battery from the old phone to get your SIM card out and insert it into the new phone.

Step 5: After that, opt for charging your new phone and turn it on to let the activation begin.

Here is how you do it for your standard phones

Step 1: Before you start, you need to follow the steps in your owner manual and then charge your battery.

Step 2: Then, turn your phone on.

Step 3:  Dial *228 and then press “Send.” After that, simply press “1” after getting notified from the voice prompt.

Step4: Return to “Your Account” and then view the order so as to retrieve your new number. The service activation will transfer to your current number.

Step 5:  Go back to the “Your Account” section to check out all your details relating to its order.  As you have signed in, you will need to follow all the instructions staying at the top of your ordering details for the activation.

However, even after following the right activation process, if you are still following the issue, then you will need to take action on it.

Here are the three ways that you need to check out your problem.

Method 1: Consider force updating your mobile phone

Due to the fast-evolving technologies, it is quite common to encounter technical glitches and problems with your cell phones.  The issue with your ‘*228 code not allowed’ is also a by-product of evolution in technology.

Before the advent of 4G LTE, there was no need for the implementation of such code in the phone for the update of its PRL. But in case you are now using a handset with 4G LTE functionality, then it is not required to update the PRL manually. However, you can also follow up with quick fixes for Verizon 4G not working.

In all of your 4G LTE mobiles, the SIM cards will handle your PRL updates. But in case you cannot see your updates, you will need to try force updating your handset. To do so, you can take out your SIM card for just 5-10 minutes. Then, put your SIM card back in your phone and let it reboot.

Doing so will help you to kick off your problem, and it will help in the auto-update of the PRL when the phone restarts.

Well, before you know what’s the issue with 4G and 4G LTE, then you can check out the difference between these two.

Method 2:  Consider entering the code from the service area

In case your device does not have the 4G LTE functionality, and you are still facing problems related to ‘*228 not allowed’ while updating your PRL, then you have to check the service area. It is always recommended to stay within the service area while you are entering your code.

In case you are at a location where the network power is very weak due to the lack of strong signal strength or has no signs of cellular network, it will become difficult for you to get your preferred services. To solve this problem, make sure you are dialing the code while staying within the service area.

Method 3: Seek help from the customer support 

In case you do not have a handset with 4G LTE and at the same time you are located at the service area, and apart from that, you are still facing the issue with ‘*228 this number is not allowed,’ then you have to opt for customer support.

While facing problems with updating your Preferred Roaming List, you can reach out to the customer service of Verizon. You can easily call them and elaborate on your problem. They will help you with your problem to solve the problem over your phone.


It is quite common to face problems like ‘*228 this number is not allowed’ on Verizon. However, you can easily solve it by following the right process.  The above-mentioned methods are highly effective in delivering you the desired results in problem-solving. You can follow those steps anytime you encounter a problem.