How to Perform Verizon Pay My Bill Phone Number?


Verizon Pay My Bill Phone Number

Verizon is a relatively new platform. However, its users are increasing at an incredible pace. It provides several services like voice, internet, messages, and phone calls as well. With time it is introducing new features and is fixing the old bugs. And this is what makes Verizon different from other carriers.

At present, with Verizon, you can pay bills right from their app or website (Zintego). So, for the people who are Googling “Verizon pay my bill phone number,” this article is just for you.

How to pay bills?

Verizon has made bill payments trouble-free, and there are several ways to pay your bill. If you have questions about “Verizon pay my bill phone number,” you can use a checking account, credit card, ATM card or Debit card, Verizon gift card, Verizon Visa Card, Cash, money order, or check.

But, ensure that you have adequate money in your bank account on the date when you will be paying your bill. For every payment returned, a fee is charged by Verizon, and also, it charges a fee for late payments. So, for the due date, go through page 1 of your bill.

Also, make sure that you have a stable 4G connection, or else you will have to opt for quick fixes to follow Verizon 4G not working. The ways to make bill payments are as follows:

My Fios app

If you have the “My Fios” app, you will be able to pay your bill right from there. To do it correctly, follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Open the “My Fios” app.

Step 2: Then, you will have to go to the “Dashboard.”

Step 3: Over there, you need to select “Bill

Step 4: Then you will finally need to click on “Pay Bill

My Verizon

You can also use “My Verizon” for paying your bills. Go through the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, you will have to open the “My Verizon” app.

Step 2: Then, you need to locate and click on “Billing.”

Step 3: Finally, you need to hit on “Pay Bill.”

How to pay bills

Some other ways to pay bills

There are some other ways as well to pay your bill. They are discussed below:


The late fees and stamps can be eliminated with the automatic monthly payment plan of Verizon, AutoPay. From the account you have chosen that includes credit card or debit card, savings and checking account, the monthly bill is paid.

Paper Free Billing

There is no need for paper. You may ask for the Paper Free Billing service of Verizon. With and the “My Fios” app, you can always view and print your bill. The payment method can be set up online, and you can pay your bill every month with a quick click from the website or app.

Pay in person

You may want to pay the bill in person. There is no need to worry because Verizon helps you locate a payment location nearby and offers you multiple pay in-person options.

Pay with your remote

If you have Fios TV and an IMG/TV Set-top box, the bills can be paid with the use of your remote. To do it correctly, follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Press the “Menu” option from your remote.

Step 2: Then, you will have to select “Customer Support.”

Step 3: Then, you need to click on “My Account.”

Step 4: Then, tap on “Bills & Payment.”

Step 5: Finally, click on “Pay My Bill.”

If you do not have a Payment Account on the record, the “My Verizon” and “My Fios” app allows you to add an account.

How to update or add a bill payment method for the Verizon account?

The Verizon pay my bill payment method can be changed or added to “My Verizon’s” Payment settings page.

However, if you cannot edit your payment methods because of security reasons, a new payment method can be set up with the latest or updated information. Once done, then the old method can be deleted.

You can easily Register on “My Verizon” for paying your bill, managing your plans, and a lot more.

If you think the app is creating the problem, you need to update your Google Play Store to the latest version and re-download the app.

What to do in case your Verizon account gets disconnected?

If you find out that your account got disconnected, Verizon pay my bill number can still be opted by signing in to “My Verizon” by using your User ID. Also, you will have to input your last name, mobile number, and ZIP code.

This method can be used for six months after the disconnection of your account. And after 56 months, you will have to use the “Pay My Bill” website.


Verizon is introducing new features with each passing day, and because of this particular reason, its fanbase is continuing to grow. The bill payment feature has added convenience to the life of many busy people. Nevertheless, whatever you do, always make sure that you have the required bank balance for paying your bill. Most importantly, pay your bill on time, or else Verizon will charge a fee.