“WhatsApp notifications do not reach me”: How to fix it

  • If the WhatsApp notifications do not reach you or sound like you, keep reading because we have the solution.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used instant messaging apps globally, so the emergence of doubts, problems, and unknowns is widespread and 100% understandable. Today, we focus on one of these widespread problems: the disappearance of your notifications.

Indeed, here at Andro4all, we have heard on some occasions complaints such as “I no longer receive WhatsApp notifications,” “why can’t WhatsApp notifications reach me,” or “WhatsApp notifications don’t sound.” When entering the app, they see new messages that their mobile phone has not notified them properly. This problem does not have a single solution, but below, you can read the most probable causes of this effect.

Check the notification settings in the WhatsApp app

In WhatsApp, specifically, in its settings, we can find the “Notifications” category. We see a section called “Notification tone,” where we can choose the sound we want to hear when receiving a message. Right there, we should make sure that this tone is not “Muted” but “the default melody” or any other sound.

If we slide down, we can see the same settings for groups or calls. If you have problems in these sections, you should also check your settings there. You can also find the settings for vibration, notification pop-up, or the color of your notification LED.

Check the notification settings in the WhatsApp app

Check the notification settings of the app on Android

On Android, each application has its “own separate settings” within the Android settings itself. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but we see it clearly if we go to Settings and enter the Applications category. There we see every one of our installed apps.

Therefore, we searched and selected WhatsApp. Inside, click on “Notifications” and check that the “Allow notifications” switch is activated. If it is deactivated, it means that Android does not give permissions to this app (WhatsApp) to show notifications, although, within WhatsApp itself, they are activated.

Check the notification settings of the app on Android

If it is neither of these two solutions, I recommend that you contact the Customer Service of your mobile or try to re-install WhatsApp in the Google store. You can read more about this huge messaging platform in our own category, such as how you can send a message to someone you don’t have attached to.

Has either of the two solutions been useful to you?