9 Cool Things You Can Make Google Home Do


9 Cool Things You Can Make Google Home Do

Google Home has a ton of features you will admire. Unfortunately, many people have it in their homes but they are unaware of the best features of its best features. It’s like signing up for Cox TV packages but failing to choose their best tier.

No worries, we are here to help you out. In case you have missed it, Google Home has been replaced by Nest Audio. It is the new and advanced smart speaker that can produce 50 percent more bass and it is 75 percent louder than Google Home.

Without further ado, let’s explore what cool things you can do with Google Home:

1: Get Things Broadcasted

Did you know you can get your Google Home device to broadcast anything you want? But there is one condition. You got to have more than one device. You can get something broadcasted to every single device. It could be simultaneous too.

Let’s say you want it to broadcast that it’s dinner time. Just say OK Google, your message and then each device will ring a dinner bell. It’s fun. Plus, you don’t have to yell at the top of your lungs to tell everyone that dinner is ready.

The cool thing is that this feature works even if you are not in the house!

2: Rock Some of the Best Tunes

Most people love using Google Home for playing music and for that they use smart speakers. To make the most of this feature, follow these tips:

  • The music services must be linked correctly
  • Connect with Bluetooth and control the music on Google Home with your PC, tablet, computer, or phone.
  • Set home audio with multiple smart speakers
  • You can also create steroid pairing with two identical speakers.

3: Control All Devices from Your Smartphone

Google’s Assistant at this point is controlling 1500+ smart home products from a variety of brands. Isn’t it great that you can ask it to adjust the temperature, dim the lights, turn on the kettle or microwave your food for you?

With Google Home Hub, it’s even possible to set up a hub (which will be your smartphone). From this hub, you can control all smart home products via your screen.

4: Make Calls Without Using Your Hands

Your wish has been fulfilled if you always wanted to make calls without using your hands. Just say Hey Google, call “name of the contact” and it will dial the number.

Google Home is also capable of recognizing voices. So, if multiple people share the device, it kind of knows who is giving the commands. And if you ask it to call mom, it will know whose mom to call. Creepy, but so convenient, right!

5: Find Your Phone

Are you the type of person who keeps on forgetting where they left their phone? Google Home comes to your rescue.

Just say Hey Google, find my phone. Your phone will ring up! This feature works for both iPhone and Android.

6: Operate Your TV

If you have an HDMI CEC standard TV, you can use Google Home to turn on your TV and turn it off whenever you are done. For that, you must have Chromecast plugged in.

7: Find Help Whenever You Need It

Google Home can help you around the house too. Just say the words and it will find you plumbers, handymen, and other local businesses to help you out.

Your life will become so simple!

8: Ask It to Tell Good News

Want some positivity in your life? Ask Google and it won’t let you down. Say, Hey Google, tell me something good and it will update you on something good happening around the world.

9: Make It Remember Things

Thanks to Google Home, there is no need to write a to-do list to remember things. This voice assistant will do it for you instead.

Just say Hey Google, remind me about my appointment…. and it sure will.


Okay, Alexa may be able to perform more than Google Home, but Google’s Assistant is LEAGUES ahead of Alexa when it comes to being able to answer your queries since it uses Google’s inroads.

It is 6 times more capable of answering a user’s question than Alexa. It has the ability to understand your questions and even give a satisfactory answer. Google Assistant is capable of leveraging on Google search.