Creating Matt, the Mii who beat you up in the Wii Sports boxing game, has become a speedrun


Creating Matt the Mii who beat you up in the Wii Sports boxing game has become a speedrun

The fan’s speed runs surprise us on countless occasions with records that are a real feat. Still, this time what has caught our attention is that people are dedicated to making speedruns in Mii Maker Original Wii.

Although it is not a video game as such, the objective is to create Matt, a Mii that those who played Wii Sports may remember him, since he was the champion of the boxing minigame and the one who was capable of giving a massive beating to anyone who tried to challenge him. In addition, it also appeared on Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party .

Well, such is the madness that has been mounted around this challenge that there are quite a few people who have dared to create Matt as quickly as possible. In fact, on Reddit, we can see a kind of tutorial of someone trying this speedrun in the version for Nintendo Switch.

Currently, the record is located at 27.10 seconds, so anyone who has any of the Nintendo consoles can encourage you to try it.