Everything You Need to Know on How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

If you love reading, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is one of the best ways to get your hands on countless books at a cheap cost.  Amazon Kindle Unlimited gives the reader unlimited titles from a catalog of over 1 million eBooks and audiobooks with as little as $9.99 per month. However, only 10 of these books can be saved on your device at a go. The books are similar to any Kindle eBook as they have common syncing features and can be accessed from multiple devices. Before subscribing to the monthly kindle unlimited, users are first given a 30-day free trial.

The Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

Signing up for the free trial is straightforward. You only need to get to the Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited page and from there, hit the 30-day trial button. You will be requested to log in, and from there, you can access the Kindle unlimited library for 30 days. Creating the account will need you to key in a valid payment card’s details, and from there, one-click payments will be enabled.

Reasons Worth Canceling Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Amazon’s promise of over one million eBooks at just $9.99 is too good. But why would you still want to cancel your subscription?

  1. A Poor Selection of Books

Amazon trumpets that Kindle unlimited comes with over a million books. While this figure is accurate, there are chances that you might not find a number of popular books or best sellers on the list. If there are any, only a few of major publishing houses have availed their books on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. About 1.3 million of 1.4 million books available on Kindle unlimited are Amazon exclusives, which mean they are not sold anywhere else. In simple terms, they are self-published. This leaves a little number of non-exclusive books for the reader to choose from. And while there is nothing wrong with self-published books, lacking the book you want from a popular author is a big problem.

  1. The Cost Might Be Quite High

Even though $9.99 a month for unlimited books sounds reasonable, considering the actual cost of books you can manage to read in a month might make the figure scary. Some Amazon self-published books are sold at as little as $3.00, and others $1.00. If you can only manage two or three of these in a month, the $9.99 subscription cost might be quite expensive. For expensive reads though, the subscription cost is worth, more so if you are a frequent reader.

  1. Kindle Unlimited Needs an Internet Connection

One good thing about Amazon Kindle is, unlike your phone, you do not need to charge it each night or constantly have it connected to the internet. However, you lose this flexibility when using Kindle Unlimited.  Kindle unlimited allows you only to check out 10 books at a time. This amount might seem a lot, but it is simply not if you will stay for an extended period without a Wi-Fi connection. For instance, you can read a book a day when on holiday. If two or three of these books seems boring, the selection might not last a week or two.

  1. Amazon Prime Might be a Better Deal

Anyone using the Amazon Prime gets free access to Kindle’s unlimited library. Amazon prime grants you one book per month, but you still can check out a few titles without paying.

Canceling Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30 Day trial

During the free trial, you will not be charged anything. However, you will be upgraded automatically to a paid membership plan once the trial period ends. To avoid the paid upgrade, you can unsubscribe the unlimited membership in 3 simple steps

1)    Navigate to find “Manage Your Content & Devices.”

2)    From there, click the settings tab. Scroll down until you find “Kindle unlimited settings.”

3)    Click on “Cancel Kindle Unlimited”

Know on How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited on iPhone, Android, Kindle, and Other Devices

It is important to know that once you cancel a prepaid Kindle Unlimited membership or a gift bundle, you will not get a partial refund for any unused months. You also cannot restart your membership after that.

Once you cancel the unlimited membership, you will still receive your benefits until the next billing date. Once the billing date passes, you will no longer have access to Kindle unlimited content, and you Amazon will check you out until you subscribe again. However, you will have your notes, bookmarks, and highlights saved to your Amazon account through whisper sync.


Cancel Kindle Unlimited

1)    Visit the Amazon.com website. This could also be Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.in, based on where you signed up for the Kindle unlimited.

2)    From top navigation bar’s left side, find the link to the settings of your Amazon account. This starts with “Hello” followed by your Name, and then Account & Lists.

3)    Move the mouse over it to find a drop-down menu. From there, locate “Your Kindle Unlimited” and click it.

4)    You will find a page –“Manage Your Kindle Unlimited Membership”. Here, you will be able to see all your subscription details. These include:

  • The date you started it
  • The plan you chose/ the kind of membership
  • Next billing date
  • Payment settings plus an option to edit them
  • An option for stopping the subscription.

5)    To your subscription on Kindle Unlimited, locate “manage membership section” bottom there, and select “cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.”

6)    Finally, you will be given a choice for continuing or ending your membership. Click the left side button “End Membership on [Date].

After ending the membership, your credit card will no longer get charged for prolonging Amazon Kindle unlimited subscription. However, you will fully access the books at Kindle unlimited until your membership ends.

Kindle Unlimited Refund- Does Amazon Give Refunds on Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions?

No. Amazon does not give a partial or full refund to anyone who chooses to opt out before the subscription period lapses. However, the user gets full access to all Kindle Unlimited eligible books until the end of the subscription period.

“I Didn’t Sign Up For Kindle Unlimited” – How to Solve This

Did you have your card deducted money due to a Kindle Unlimited package you did not subscribe to? Here is why. Probably, someone in your household clicked on the “Read for Free” button and failed to read popups that came up after that, stating the account was successfully signed up for Kindle unlimited, and payments would be automatically approved after 30 days if the subscription is not terminated. In such a case, unsubscribe from Kindle Unlimited using the simple steps above.