What You Need to Know About MeTV Channel on DirectTV

How to access MeTV on DirecTV
MeTV on DirecTV

If you are a great fan of MeTV, you would not want to miss any episode of your favorite program, film, soap opera, etc. You may ask, “Is MeTV available on DirecTV?” Your question is comprehensively covered in this article.

MeTV hosts a large collection of films, and classic TV shows. Amazingly, its library is evergreen, because it is often updated weekly for your enjoyment, and satisfaction. You are sure that there is something new every week.

However, MeTV is not a full/main channel. Instead, it is hosted as a sub-channel on DirecTV, and some other few TV service providers. Unfortunately, MeTV is not directly accessible on DirecTV, even if it is available on it.

Surprisingly, you can access MeTV on DirecTV in another way. This channel is aired as Digi-nets. It means that you can only stream it if the local station carries the -1 network channel. MeTV must be broadcasted in must-carry status by the local station for DirecTV viewers to access it.

How to access MeTV on DirecTV

Since DirecTV has done away with hosting sub-channels, what are you supposed to do to access MeTV? The easiest method is purchasing, and installing an additional aerial, and a TV tuner. When these two gadgets work hand-in-hand, you will have free OTA that facilitates you to tune the TV. Moreover, they also enable you to get sub-channels on DirecTV.

This formula depends on your geographical location. It is easier to access MeTV in some places, compared to others. The numbering of your MeTV also varies from one place to another. For instance, New York viewers have the channel listed on number 33; those who are Seattle have the channel listed on number 12, while those who are in Los Angeles have the channel dubbed Kaza. This local channel that broadcasts MeTV is numbered differently between channels 1 through 54.

Hulu users access MeTV for free via the Hulu app.

What is MeTV?

MeTV is a renowned pay-tv network in the USA. Specifically, MeTV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television, with a mission motto of “entertain people & viewers with the latest TV shows”. Its inception was in the 2000s, whereby, it started as a special channel with a mandate of entertaining its viewership. Since then, the channel has remained intact, and stuck to its mission by not changing the content.

Initially, MeTV was a programming block in the starting phases, and it was located in a TV station in Chicago, which aired many hit shows. Afterwards, the station continued expanding in 2010, and garnered a countrywide viewership. MeTV has a meticulously organized schedule, and started opening diverse pathways for the network. This was as a result of it gaining the most recent affiliations with fellow TV stations.

As at now, MeTV has advanced, and became one of the favourite stations among the viewership in the USA. Amazingly, it is also accessible to over 90% of households in the entire nation. DirecTV is a renowned provider of MeTV, since it is a reliable breeding ground for most distinguished channels in the USA.

How to find MeTV on DirecTV channel number

How to find MeTV on DirecTV channel number

DirecTV is a trusted satellite TV provider that has myriad channels that provide world-class services. Moreover, this provider has the best-in-class channels, and it charges are pocket-friendly. As aforementioned earlier, MeTV is not a national channel. Instead, it is aired as a sub-channel. Now, for you to access MeTV on DirecTV, you need free OTA when tuning the TV.

MeTV does not have a specific channel number on DirecTV, because it changes depending on your location. The geographical location of the viewer greatly affects the channel number that airs MeTV. However, all these channels are found between channels 1-54 on DirecTV. You will enjoy all classic shows that were aired since 1950s to 2000s. Some of the famous shows include:

  • One Day At A Time
  • I Love Lucy
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show

All the above were the favorites in the 1980s.

Other alternatives that you can use to watch MeTV

If you do not have DirecTV, you can watch MeTV on Hulu streaming app. Install this app on your TV, and you stream, MeTV with it. Hulu is a USA on-demand video streaming service that provides you with quality video content.

Watch on the MeTV website

This is another trusted method that you can use to watch MeTV, and enjoy the nostalgic moments that are refreshed in your mind about the yesteryears. Just sign up, and you will get a free on-demand streaming. Amazingly, you can star your favourite shows, and set reminders on the website, about when the show airs.

MeTV channel number on DirecTV

Apart from the three aforementioned channel numbers where MeTV airs on DirecTV, here is a comprehensive list of its channels:

CITY                                                                          MeTV Channel Number On DirecTV

Los Angeles, California 20, 54, 961
Livingston, New Jersey 33
Anchorage, AK 33
Denver, Colorado 5
Wilmington, DE 2
Atlanta, GA 32
Honolulu, HI 4.2
Montpelier, ID 44
Chicago, IL 23
St. Louis, MO 24
Hastings, NE 5
Milwaukee, WI 41
New York, NY 33
Pinedale, WY 44


MeTV Content

This is a comprehensive channel that not only airs content of several decades ago, but also covers all age groups of its viewership. Basically, nobody feels left out by the content that is aired on MeTV, because it is accommodating, and all-inclusive. Some of the content includes:


  • Mannix
  • Cannon
  • Barnaby Jones
  • The Fugitive
  • Dragnet
  • In the Heat of the Night
  • The Waltons

Sci-Fi TV series

  • Star Trek
  • The Time Tunnel
  • The Invaders
  • Lost in Space
  • Josie and the Pussycats
  • Land of the Giants


  • The Love Boat
  • The Honeymooners
  • The Three Stooges
  • The Brandy Brunch
  • I Love Lucy

When you are streaming MeTV, you have to bear in mind that it is only available as an off-air station, no wonder it is only available in specific places. In areas where MeTV is unavailable, you can consult from the DirecTV’s network providers. This is because, in some local channels, MeTV is currently the main network.

MeTV subscription charges on DirecTV

MeTV airs for free, but DirecTV is a premium subscription service that you have to pay to access the service. If you are streaming MeTV on DirecTV, you have to subscribe to any of these packages, if you are not using OTA. Amazingly, all these plans offer you Live TV, and the content is aired in 4K resolution, whereby, you have the freedom to choose from the on-demand titles. The packages include:

  • Entertainment Package
  1. Cost: $65/month
  2. 160 channels
  3. On-demand title: 40,000
  • Choice Package
  1. Cost: $70/month
  2. 185 channels
  3. On-demand titles: 45,000
  4. HBO Max included
  5. 2020-2021 NBA League Pass
  6. 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket
  • XTRA Package
  1. Cost: $80/month
  • Ultimate Package
  1. Cost: $85/month
  2. 250 channels
  3. On-demand titles: 55,000
  4. HBO Max free for 1 year
  5. 2020-2021 NBA League Pass
  6. 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Premier Package
  1. Cost: 135/month
  2. 330 channels
  3. On-demand titles: 65,000
  4. HBO Max
  5. 2020-2021 NBA League Pass
  6. 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket

These are the DirecTV packages that you can subscribe to, and enjoy the content. However, if you do not want to pay, you can watch on the MeTV website for free. Some of the outstanding features on DirecTV include:

  • Live TV Streaming
  • Top channel lineups for your home
  • Premium channels
  • Best DVR service with extensive storage

You need high-speed internet to stream, to avoid videos buffering, and to download, since there is an available DVR service. Fortunately, CenturyLink internet is compatible with DirecTV plans. This internet provider is quite reliable, because they offer you ultra-fast download speeds. Since MeTV streams its videos in 4k, you will have a seamless downloading, streaming, and online gaming experience, with CenturyLink internet. You can, either choose DSL, or Fiber services.

It is normal to have internet outages, but this ISP has a solution for you, even when such an occurrence happens.

How to know MeTV channel number in your locality

You can contact DirecTV, and ask them the exact number of MeTV in your area. Alternatively, if there are people who stream MeTV in your area, obviously they know the channel number. By so doing, you will access MeTV, and start streaming your favorite content.

For updates, you can also subscribe to the MeTV newsletter that has information about the new areas where MeTV is also available. As earlier said, you can watch MeTV on Hulu, and also on AT&T TV, YouTube TV, and also stream it on your tablet and smartphone using the MeTV app.


By now, you know what channel is MeTV on DirecTV, and every other important question that you had, has been satisfactorily answered. This is a fanciful channel that airs outstanding content of diverse genres of olden days. It is also fit for all ages, and the diverse tastes & preferences of the viewership. If you use OTA on DirecTV, you access it for free, but you can also access it by subscribing to premium packages.