How to Fix Vizio TV Slow Internet Connection

Vizio TV Slow Internet Connection
Vizio TV Slow Internet Connection

Vizio TV has a lot for you in store, depending on your tastes and preferences. For instance, there are enthusiasts of films, soap operas, news, documentaries, live shows, reality shows, sports, music, etc. All these are ingredients of Vizio TV content, and you will enjoy for as long as you want; as long as your TV is OK, and connected to a flawless internet connection.

It has nice features, and a flawless crystal display to enable you to see everything clearly. You cannot feel bored when you are seated there watching with your family, or colleagues. Moreover, you can also download other channels, and streaming apps on your Vizio TV to have a larger content variety.

Moreover, Vizio TV’s entertainment also integrates games that you can play when you connect it to a game console. It is efficient and easy to handle, because it is a high-quality smart TV, though it also develops technical issues.

You may notice that your TV is taking long to turn on, because of slowness. Not many people are patient, and thus, it is not easy and comfortable to wait for close to a minute for a TV to turn on.

Why is the Internet Connect to my Vizio Smart TV Lagging?

There are diverse reasons that make your Vizio TV to lag. Let us briefly look at some of them:

  • Old or buggy software
  • Weak signals
  • Interference of the TV by streaming devices

These and many more are the reasons why your Vizio TV becomes slow, and the solutions have also been given below.

1. Power-cycle your Vizio smart TV

This is the quickest and easiest rectification measure that you can take to solve this sluggishness issue on your Vizio TV. It is a trick that is used on many electronics when they misbehave. Fortunately, the problem is solved instantly, because your Vizio TV is rebooted, and the performance is refreshed to get back to normal. Use this procedure to do it:

  1. Switch off your Vizio TV using a remote, or manually
  2. Unplug the power cable from the socket
  3. Wait for between 1-60 minutes
  4. Re-plug the power cable to the socket
  5. Turn on your Vizio TV to find out whether the problem is solved

2. Check the speed of your internet

One of the reasons why your Vizio TV is slow is because of internet issues. The TV could be perfectly OK, but it is slowed down by the internet. For instance, you may find that the signals that your Wi-Fi connection is sending to your TV are weak. That causes your TV to take long to switch on.

To confirm the speed of the internet, connect other devices to it, and see how they will respond. Alternatively, you can connect your Vizio TV to another Wi-Fi, and see how it will react. Restarting your Wi-Fi router is also good, and it can help you to solve this problem by using this procedure:

  1. Unplug the Wi-Fi router’s power cable from the electric socket
  2. Wait at least one minute
  3. Re-plug the Wi-Fi router’s power cable to the socket
  4. Connect your Vizio TV to see whether the problem has been solved
  5. If not, consider resetting your Wi-Fi module

There are Wi-Fi routers that have a reset button. All you have to do is to press it to reset. Alternatively, you can check the manual to learn how to reset the router.

3. Reconnect all gadgets

Have you connected other gadgets to your Vizio TV? It could be game console, or streaming gadgets like cable box and TV Fire Stick. They could be the cause of your TV becoming slow, and the remedy is disconnecting:

  1. HDMI cables
  2. Gaming console
  3. TV Fire Stick
  4. Media player
  5. Sound bar
  6. Speaker, etc.

After disconnecting, tally for over a minute, and reconnect them. Then, check to see whether your TV’s speed and efficiency have gone back to normal.

4. Uninstall unnecessary channels and apps from your Vizio TV

When you overload your Vizio TV with many channels and apps, they occupy space and burden the TV, which makes it slow. This is common to all electronics that have internal memory including smartphones, tablets, and computers. When they are overloaded, you will see that their performance is compromised, and they become slow, or they start hanging. It is the same case that applies to Vizio TV.

To solve this, you have to delete/uninstall all the apps that you do not need, so that they can stop burdening your TV. Also note that when you keep on updating apps, their size continues growing, and they take a lot of space. For instance, if you have the Facebook app, it keeps on demanding updating from time to time.

Eventually, you will find that the size of that app has grown to 2 GB. The best solution is to uninstall large apps, and reinstall them, so that their size will remain small, to save your TV’s space.

Note that the Vizio TV’s storage capacity is 8.2 GB that is available for storing downloaded apps. When this space gets filled up, your TV becomes slow. Freeing up space by deleting useless apps, and channels will solve this slugging issue.

5. Soft-reset the Vizio TV

If you try solving your Vizio TV’s slowness by power-cycling in vain, you can try a soft reset. This is the procedure that you should use:

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote
  2. Proceed to System and move to Reset & Admin
  3. Select Soft Power Cycle from the options
  4. After this, click “Yes” to confirm the process
  5. Your Vizio TV will reboot after some seconds

6. Update your Vizio TV’s software

 Outdated software reacts slowly, and causes your TV to become sluggish. This requires you to update it. From time to time, Vizio keeps on making things better by releasing more efficient, powerful, and convenient software that you should download, and install on your TV. Moreover, software errors are eliminated by updating the software using this method:

  1. Press the V key on your TV remote
  2. The Menu will pop up
  3. Select System
  4. Select Check for Updates
  5. If there is any pending update for your TV, you will see it there
  6. Click OK to confirm. (Installing the update takes few minutes)

Alternatively, you can switch to automatic update by enabling it from this menu.

7. Check the cables

Damaged, and loose fitting cables cause issues, because they do not connect properly. Consequently, they affect the speed of the internet, and bring about a slow internet connection. All cables that are connected to the Vizio TV or any other related gadget should be in perfect condition, and fitting properly in their respective ports.

8. Wi-Fi router positioning

Where have you positioned your Wi-Fi router and Vizio TV? Are they within the recommended distance, or they are out of it? The distance between the connected gadgets matters significantly, when it comes to the internet speed, especially over Wi-Fi.

Position your Vizio TV close to the Wi-Fi router for a strong connection, and faster speed. However, if there are positioning limitations on your side due diverse factors, you can replace the router with a more powerful one.

9. Reset your Vizio TV to factory settings

If you try all the above solutions and fail, the last available option is to reset your Vizio TV to factory settings. This deletes all customized settings and apps that could have disrupted the speed of your Vizio TV. Your TV goes back to the manufacturer’s default settings. Use this procedure:

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV remote
  2. Click System and choose Reset & Admin
  3. Select Reset TV to Factory Settings
  4. Continue by following the given instructions to finish the resetting process
  5. This process takes a few minutes, and finally your TV will restart

10. Contact Vizio TV customer support

This is the ultimate step that you should take, after trying all the above solutions in vain. The manufacturer knows all the reasons why your TV is slow, and they will tell you what to do. They can even decide to replace the TV, if need be.

Why Is My Vizio Smart TV so Slow?

As aforementioned about the router being one of the causes of your Vizio TV running slowly, you should check your router settings. Sometimes, you may find that they are limiting the TV’s speed. Confirm that there are no speed limiters, or any other settings that could subside the bandwidth, or internet speed.

For ease and convenience, set the router to unlimited, to ensure that there is optimum internet connectivity. Furthermore, do not reach the router’s maximum connectivity limit, because this could affect the speed and performance.


There you go! You now have all the reasons why your Vizio Smart TV is slow, and what to do to curb this problem. All the solutions are very clear, and you can do them on your own. Have a good one!