How to Fix the Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Sound Bar Problem?


Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Sound Bar

Most people prefer to buy Samsung products when it comes to electronic devices and gadgets. The company produces superior quality products that excel in performance and durability. Samsung TVs are one of the top preferred brands on the market due to their incredible picture quality and sound system.

Although Samsung manufactures one of the best TVs that come with an incredible sound system, you may sometimes encounter connectivity issues. If your Samsung TV is unable to recognize the sound bar and you are trying to fix the problem, you are on the right page!

We have got you several fixes that you can try to resolve the Samsung TV not recognizing the sound bar issue. So, hop on the ride and get the right fix to start listening to amazing sound on your Samsung TV.

How To Make Your Samsung TV Recognize Soundbar?

To get your Samsung TV to recognize the soundbar, you need to make the proper connections first. Once you have made the connection, setting up the soundbar is pretty easy. Usually, once you make the connection, your TV automatically recognizes the soundbar without any external help. However, after making proper connections, if your Samsung TV doesn’t recognize the soundbar, you can follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings option using the TV remote or the buttons on the TV.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Sound” tab.

Step 3: Click the Speaker Settings option.

Step 4: Select the TV SoundConnect

Step 5: Choose “Add New Device.”

Step 6: Click “On.”

This will enable your SoundConnect, and you can now listen to audio. If you want your TV to automatically detect devices, ensure that your audio is set to TV SoundConnect (Sound share). This may vary depending on the model of your Samsung TV. However, it is generally found in the Sound or Audio option under the Settings menu.

Why Is Samsung TV Not Recognizing Sound Bar?

Your Samsung Tv comes with an in-built SoundConnect or SoundShare feature that pairs the soundbar of your TV using Bluetooth, HDMI, an aux cable, or optical cable. All Samsung TV models that were manufactured in 2016 or later use soundbar connections via Bluetooth. However, if your Samsung TV is unable to recognize the soundbar, it could mean that you haven’t activated the pairing mode.

Activating the pairing mode enables other devices to recognize your soundbar. You can easily pair by turning the soundbar on, clicking Bluetooth pairing, and choosing the sound bar on your Samsung TV. If you have paired your device and still can’t recognize the soundbar, there could be some other issue.

Some of the common problems include a hardware malfunction, a wrong connection, or some issues with the settings. Incorrect configurations can prevent your soundbar from connecting and could also be a reason for your TV not recognizing the soundbar.

Effective Solutions to the Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Soundbar Problem

You need to use some effective troubleshooting techniques to get your soundbar to function properly. Try the following methods one by one until you find the right solution to resolve the issue of Samsung TV being unable to recognize the soundbar.

Check The Source Of The Soundbar

You should ensure that the source of the sound and your Samsung TV are set to the same port. If the source is different, then you won’t hear any sound as there is no connection between your TV and the soundbar.

Check All the Connections

Check whether all the cables and connections are proper and well seated. Improper or wrong connections can lead to a malfunctioning soundbar. You can try disconnecting all the cables and reconnecting them to ensure they are correctly connected.

Check Whether The Ports Are Functioning

Sometimes, a faulty port is the main reason why your Samsung TV is unable to recognize the soundbar. Try to connect another device to check whether the port is in working condition. If the device works, then you can try other troubleshooting methods. However, if multiple devices do not work, you should get the port checked by a professional.

Ensure That Your TV Is Set To External Speakers

If your TV is not set to use the external speakers, you won’t hear any sound from your soundbar. Ensure that your TV supports external speakers; otherwise, soundbars won’t work with your TV. You can go to the settings menu, and under the audio or sound option, you can see further details regarding external speakers.

Check Whether Your Tv Can Play Sound On Its Own

You should ensure that your TV can play sound without external devices and a soundbar. If your TV cannot play audio, you must first resolve the issue before attempting to use a soundbar. Once you fix the issue, your TV will recognize and play audio from the soundbar.

Set The Source To D.In. On The Soundbar

If you have connected your soundbar using the HDMI ARC, you need to set the source to D.In. Once done, you should be able to hear audio from the soundbar. However, if you don’t hear any sound after changing the source, check whether your TV plays audio without the soundbar. If it doesn’t, you need to troubleshoot the audio of your Tv.

Seek The Help Of the Support Centre

If none of the methods work, you need to seek the help of the Support Centre, which can assist you further with the issue. Some technical issue is most probably the reason, and external troubleshooting can not resolve it. A hardware malfunction may also lead to the Samsung TV not recognizing the soundbar issue.

How To Connect Soundbar To Samsung TV?

You can connect your Samsung TV to the soundbar in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

Connect Your Soundbar To HDMI

HDMI connection to your Samsung TV soundbar gives the best quality audio. You can connect your soundbar using HDMI by following these steps:

Step 1: Unplug the Tv, external device, and soundbar.

Step 2: Connect the end of the HDMI cable to one of the HDMI ports on the Samsung TV.

Step 3: Plug in the other end to the soundbar’s HDMI Out port.

Step 4: Use another HDMI cable to connect to the HDMI IN port of the sound bar and connect to the HDMI OUT port on the external device.

Step 5: Plug in and turn on the soundbar and external device. Click and hold the Source button on the soundbar till you see HDMI on the external device’s display.

Step 6: Switch on your Tv and change the source to the HDMI port of the soundbar.

You have connected your Samsung TV and soundbar. Now your TV will display everything from the external device and play audio from the soundbar. The above steps will also resolve the Samsung soundbar not connecting to the TV issue.

Connect Soundbar With Aux Cable

You can connect your sound bar with an aux cable by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung TV and soundbar.

Step 2: Connect the end of an audio cable to the AUX IN jack at the bottom of your soundbar.

Step 3: Connect the other end to your external device’s Audio Out jack.

Step 4: Click the Source button on the soundbar or your remote to change the mode.

Step 5: To play sound from your TV’s soundbar, set the soundbar to AUX mode.

Connect The Soundbar With Optical Cable

You can connect the soundbar to your TV using an optical cable by following the steps below.

Step 1: Power on your Tv and soundbar.

Step 2: Connect the ends of a digital optical cable to the OPTICAL OUT port on your Samsung TV and DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) port on your soundbar.

Step 3: Click the SOURCE on your remote or soundbar and set it to the D.IN.

Step 4: Set the speaker output on your Samsung Tv to external speakers.

Step 5: Go to the Settings and click the Up navigation arrow to reach Quick Settings.

Step 6: Click the right arrow to navigate to the TV Speaker and select it to switch the speaker to Optical.

You will now hear the audio from your soundbar.

Connect Soundbar With Bluetooth

You can connect your soundbar to Bluetooth without any hassle with cables. Connect your soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth using the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings option using your TV remote.

Step 2: Select Sound.

Step 3: Choose the Sound Output option.

Step 4: Select Bluetooth Audio Device or Bluetooth Speaker List.

Step 5: Choose your Soundbar.

You will now hear audio from your soundbar.

Winding Up

Connecting a Samsung TV with a soundbar is quite an easy task and doesn’t require much time or effort. You can use various methods to connect the soundbar with your Samsung TV and enjoy high-quality audio. However, if you encounter any issues with the soundbar, you can try the techniques mentioned in this article. You can also try changing the connection method to resolve the issue.