How to Connect LG Soundbar to TV

How to Connect LG Soundbar to TV
How to Connect LG Soundbar to TV

LG sound bars are high-tech stereo speakers that are expertly designed to connect to TVs for great audio performance. These speakers can be connected to your LG TV with a:

  • Digital Optical or Coaxial cable HDMI cable
  • 3.5mm Line Out/RCA cable 
  • Wirelessly 

There is a significantly impressive sound that you experience when you listen to audio content, especially music from a soundbar, compared to how it feels & sounds when listening to it from a TV speaker. The soundbar makes the audio content/music much better by spicing it up with a thrilling and juicy tone that flavors and makes it sound glamorous. 

Normally, if there is a music file that sounds boring when you are listening to it from a smartphone, iPad, iPod, tablet, laptop, PC, radio, and TV, please! Try it on a soundbar, and you will realize the significant difference in the taste and sound of music. You will definitely love it! As aforementioned above, the soundbar spices up audio/music files and gives them a juicy taste, sound, and feeling that you cannot help yearning to listen to because you can never have enough of it.  

A soundbar is the ultimate gadget that you need to sort out all your audio issues, and its performance is indisputably priceless. Indeed, it is something that you can bank on. Learn more about it by reading this comprehensive and accurate article that has been purposely written for you, and have a good one! 

How a soundbar amplifies your audio quality 

If you have an LG TV, recently purchased a soundbar, or are planning to procure it in the future, you would like to learn how to connect it to your LG TV and listen to audio content with it. There are TV speakers that have a low volume, and if you want to listen to a video, or audio file from a distance, including the next room, it becomes impossible. That is where the need for a soundbar comes in. 

However, there are those who just cannot do without a soundbar, even if their TV’s speakers are OK because they know its sweetness. 

Connecting a soundbar to your LG TV with an HDMI cable

How to Connect LG Soundbar to TVConnecting a soundbar to your LG TV with an HDMI cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the most convenient and reliable way to connect your LG soundbar to your TV. To begin with, it is faster than all other connection methods, and amazingly! It can transmit humongous amounts of data. It would be an insult, not to mention that HDMI cables support audio formats in high-resolution, e.g., Dolby Atmos and Dolby TrueHD. 

To connect the two successfully, an HDMI-ARC port is needed; that is, to connect your LG TV and the soundbar using the HDMI cable. The Audio Return Channel (ARC) means that the cable can transmit the audio in a dual way. Use this procedure:

  • Turn on the soundbar and LG TV
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the sound bar’s HDMI OUT port
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the LG TV’s HDMI IN port 

Connecting your soundbar to your LG TV wirelessly 

Since LG soundbars are digital gadgets that have been designed using cutting-edge technology, you can easily connect your soundbar to your TV and listen. This is made possible by the LG Sound Sync feature that is incorporated in some LG TVs. With this feature, both of these gadgets secure a wireless connection when you set them up using this LG TV and the soundbar

  • Press the Home button on the TV’s remote
  • Choose Sound and then select Sound Out
  • Adjust your TV’s audio settings to “TV Speaker and LG Sound Sync Wireless”
  • Press Device Selection, and the LG TV will automatically begin searching for available (compatible) gadgets 
  • Press the LG TV button on the remote 
  • Your sound bar’s name will appear on the screen 
  • Select it and pair the LG TV and soundbar 

After following this procedure accurately, you will successfully pair and be able to listen to audio content from your soundbar. 

How to connect your LG soundbar to your LG TV with a digital optical/coaxial cable 

A digital optical/coaxial cable is another reliable method that you can use to connect your soundbar to your LG TV. The reason behind it could be that the TV does not have an HDMI port, or it is faulty. Otherwise, it could also be your preference to use this port to connect. However, the downside of this method is that, unlike the superb! HDMI cable, this one does not transmit high-quality audio formats, e.g., 5.1 surround sound, but it still serves the purpose. 

There is a minor difference between a coaxial and an optical cable. The optical cable port’s connector is square, contrary to the coaxial’s connector, which is circular in shape. 

The optical cable converts the electrical signal into optical light. After that, the optical light is then converted back into an electrical signal when it gets to the next end of the cable. With this, the interference is significantly reduced, even more than in the HDMI. Consequently, it can pass a higher audio and video signal resolution. Use this procedure:

  • Turn on your LG TV and the soundbar
  • Connect the digital audio cable Optical OUT to the LG TV’s port
  • Connect the other end of the digital cable to the Optical IN of the soundbar
  • Change the sound bar’s source to D.IN 

3.5mm line out or RCA cable 

This is yet another method you can use to connect the soundbar to LG TV and listen to audio content. However, it is only for analog audio transmission, but not for digital. To connect the two gadgets, use the following procedure:

  • Switch on the LG TV and the soundbar
  • Connect the 3.5mm cable to LG TV’s line-out port 
  • Connect the next end to the soundbar 

The RCA sockets have blue and red connectors, which TVs used in the past days, though they are still there until today. This is an old-school method of connecting TVs and other gadgets:

  • Connect the white connector to the white output socket
  • Connect the red connector to the red socket 
  • This is done to both the LG TV and the soundbar

What you need to know about digital soundbars

When you buy any LG soundbar, one of the things that you should look for is the sound quality. Every top-notch soundbar yields sound even so that it is spread all around the entire environment. Moreover, it is crystal clear to enable you to hear all words clearly without rewinding the audio file, video, or music you are listening to. 

Specifically, the sound should be loud and clear, without any noise. Also, check the compatibility of the soundbar with the other gadgets that you would want to connect it to. For instance, does the soundbar have the aforementioned methods of connectivity? The most important feature to look for in the soundbar is the HDMI port because this is the best of the best transmission method that can be used for pictorial, video, and audio transmission. 

It should also be compatible with other gadgets, especially through wireless connectivity. Nowadays, advanced Bluetooth versions can connect paired devices, even from hundreds of meters apart. This makes things very convenient because there are no needed cables, which poses a major downside of putting a distance limit between the gadget playing the audio file and the soundbar. 

For instance, if both your LG soundbar and the playing gadget (smartphone, TV, PC, etc.) have Bluetooth version 5.2, you can connect them and play the file from as far as 240 meters apart. If you have a spacious compound, you have the freedom to move around your compound with your smartphone playing the audio file, and the connected soundbar will play along, as long as you do not go beyond the effective radius. 

So, this is an important feature to consider for your freedom and convenience. When you carefully analyze the wireless connectivity, you will find that it will give you an easy time, especially the freedom of movement, compared to a wired connection. 


To put it all together, you have learned the three major ways to connect LG soundbar to LG TV. HDMI is the best of all, but even wireless connection and optical cables also do the job. You can now listen to the best music, audio & video files, films, documentaries, and TV programs using LG soundbars, and have a good one.