TorrentReactor: Check Out Some Alternatives & Similar Software


With 100s and 1000s of legit torrents available on the World Wide Web, a top-ranked choice in the list is the TorrentReactor. It is no doubt an active torrent service provider that brings in the latest torrents for the users. You get access to many valid torrents at this torrent site in categories that include anime, adult, movies, TV shows, music, TV series, episodes, & more to watch on your Smart TV or laptop.

TorrentReactor lists the latest and most popular torrents at its home page, along with an advanced search bar that allows you access to custom search for a specific torrent. The best thing about this torrent site is that it permits visitors to share the torrent files.

TorrentReactor: Check Out Some Alternatives & Similar Software

However, Torrent Reactor is banned in certain countries, and you might be searching for a similar alternative. If that is the case, we have brought together a comprehensive list of the best TorrentReactor alternatives & similar software you can try out. After all, entertainment mustn’t stop!

So, let us check out some of the best TorrentReactor alternatives and proxy websites.

TorrentReactor Proxy For You to Try

TorrentReactor Proxy For You to Try

Before we move ahead to the substitutes you can use instead of TorrentReactor, here is a list of some of the proxy servers for the same you can try.

TorrentReactor Proxy/Mirror sites

Website URL

Unblock TorrentReactor
TorrentReactor Alternatives
TorrentReactor Proxy 1
TorrentReactor UK Proxy
TorrentReactor Proxy 2
Fast TorrentReactor Proxy
TorrentReactor Proxy 3
Access TorrentReactor
TorrentReactor Proxy 4
Free TorrentReactor Proxy
TorrentReactor Proxy 5
TorrentReactor USA Proxy
TorrentReactor Unblocked

TorrentReactor Substitutes/Alternatives For You to Try

1. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Launched in the year 2006, ExtraTorrent facilitates peer-to-peer sharing of files among users using the popular BitTorrent protocol. In this platform, you can search, contribute, and download the magnet links & torrent files. This search engine for torrent files is a platform that delivers everything for free to its users.

Given the fact that it is an independent variant of a search engine for torrent files, this website also delivers different types of content that are adult-based. Moreover, the website’s directory is fairly easy to use. Currently, it is among the biggest torrent file directories at a global level. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that ExtraTorrent was closed officially on 17th May 2017. However, you can use several mirror domains with a content directory similar to the original one.


KAT - TorrentReactor Alternatives

If you are looking for a torrent website with a vast directory of content for downloading purposes, is one of the largest platforms you can visit. This torrent downloading website is also a posting company designed to provide the users with an option for downloading torrents & the Meta Link as well.

With the help of this platform, torrent customers can easily download torrent files using a download manager. This torrent website is an independent variant of an online torrent search engine platform that also provides different isoHunt data.


EZTV - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Another TorrentReactor alternative you can try out is the EZTV. This TV circulation website enables the visitors to download, browse, & install the magnet links. You can also add the magnet links along with torrent data while assisting in the aspects such as data partition and P2P among the customers in the BitTorrent domain.

The platform is fairly simple & easy-to-use, including a plethora of substantial features, a user-friendly interface, & tools. For example, over the EZTV platform, you can conveniently locate the preferred TV torrent file & download it without any constraint.

This website comes with a brand-new search design that helps you check out your favorite series with ease. You can also scroll to your favorite TV series using the drop-down list.

4. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents - TorrentReactor Alternatives

A confirmed popular carrier in the torrent world, LimeTorrents is best when you are looking for TV programs, flicks, software, applications, anime flicks, games, & so much more. You can use this platform to look for your favorite torrent. You can also browse for a movie you plan to watch with the help of a search box.

This autonomous search engine has a well-organized torrents collection with its torrent bank and user-contributed torrents. If you are looking for a legitimate torrent website, LimeTorrents is the right option for you. Moreover, you also get access to an adult content stream with a versatile collection.

5. Torrentz

Torrentz - TorrentReactor Alternatives

If you have ever downloaded a movie or TV series with the use of torrent websites, you would surely be aware of a popular name, that is, Torrentz. This popular search engine has been a global name that is reliant and powerful with its collection of live torrent data. It is among the largest platforms with billions of files that the website makers have constantly been collecting.

Apart from being a powerful complimentary torrent platform, this website also carries a Meta-search engine that helps you hunt for the desired file. Furthermore, the website is flawlessly backed by more than a dozen leading companies in the torrent domain. The platform also allows independent torrent developers a chance to share their collections.

6. BitSnoop

BitSnoop - TorrentReactor Alternatives

A well-known torrent carrier, the BitSnoop platform is based on the peer-to-peer system. Further, the platform offers 100s and 1000s of data collection for users to search from. The best thing about BitSnoop is that it filters out the valid torrents from the invalid ones to provide quality options to the users.

The platform is among the safest options in the torrent world. Plus, you get access to reasonable seeds and help you download or install the files you need in the shortest possible time. Currently, the platform hosts about 24 million legit isoHunt documents. Furthermore, the database on this website is constantly updated to ensure reliability on the torrent links. Currently, the torrent platform depends on about 300 different websites.

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Whoever has not heard of The Pirate Bay isn’t at all aware of the torrent world. This user-contributed website for torrent is where you can obtain authentic torrent documents from various categories that include songs, books, flicks, games, software, etc. The Pirate Bay functions as a leading system that helps the users obtain torrent files in a complimentary way.

However, there is certainly a downside to making use of The Pirate Bay. This website fails to provide any Meta link for the individual users. If any user attempts to download & install a torrent from this website, the file is directly downloaded compared to fetching the download link for the document. The individual using this website is forced to download the file straight up. While this might be straight and simple for some users, others might not want it this way.

8. SumoTorrent

SumoTorrent - TorrentReactor Alternatives

For someone in need of the highest-quality torrent documents, nothing could beat the beauty of SumoTorrent. The website focuses on quality over quantity. SumoTorrent also offers you a legitimate selection of files. This gush provider is acknowledged by the official BitTorrent website and provides a top-rated collection of documents. It also packs in the finest collection of seeds & leeches that help the visitors stay entertained.

The best thing about this website is that it functions as an efficient downloader while allowing users to download different variants of gush information. Moreover, even if its gush information and documents crash, the website has an automated fixing framework that repairs the isoHunt file before the users can download & install the same.

9. YifyTorrents

YifyTorrents - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Popular by the name YTS, YifyTorrents is among the renowned and most used torrent sites that have become a popular part of the index for torrent download. However, keep in mind that YifyTorrents is a dedicated platform for movies only. So, if you plan to get access to video games, registered software, songs, programs, TV shows, or other aspects, this platform might not be the right option for you.

Whether it is a plethora of motion pictures or movies that have been released recently, this platform gives you access to all. The prime benefit of using this platform is that the content here is always fresh & current. The videos are available in various forms that include 720p, 480p, or 1080p. So, the next time you look for a website with the latest movie torrent collection, make sure you hop onto this website right away.

10. 1337x

1337x - TorrentReactor Alternatives

If you aren’t someone who wants to download torrent files, rather plans to stream them, the 1337x platform is the one you should surely try. This committed torrent platform for gush documents offers you two different alternatives. You could either stream the gush link for your favorite content or download the same using the website’s magnet link.

The website’s magnet link download & installation system allows the customers a chance to either download the files through the gush customers or use the download manager to do the same. 1337x is an obvious answer for all your document and content needs. With 1337x, you can get access to a legitimate content base that is diversified into categories that include applications, anime, flicks, original docudramas, music, TV programs, adult movies, TV series, and so on.

11. TorrentHounds

TorrentHounds - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Another top contender in the list of similar sites that you can use instead of TorrentReactor is the TorrentHounds website. This website gives you a chance to inhale the best sprint of content that is readily available at a global level for web surfers all around the world. With TorrentHounds, there isn’t any scarcity for isoHunt content.

When it comes to TorrentHounds, the website believes in keeping the content original, excellent, and legit. So you surely get a countless gush of documents that can be downloaded as and when required.

12. Nyaa

Nyaa - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Although has now been discontinued, it was once a popular Japanese BitTorrent website that is an avid supplier of different anime flicks. This website used to be the best isoHunt platform that attracted the attention of anime lovers in different age groups. Even though you cannot find the original website, for now, you can surely hunt for the mirror websites and enjoy your favorite animated movies.

Nyaa also had a favorable collection of adult-based anime flicks for the ones that prefer animated entertainment. Apart from the anime collection, one could also hunt for gush documents under the classifications such as movies, software, sound, pictures, action, literary work, and so much more.

13. Mininova

Mininova - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Mininova also functions as a popular gush engine as a directory site that is popular in the online market. The website abundantly focuses on providing the users with a top-notch directory that also functions as a search engine with different types of torrent documents. Moreover, the Mininova site visitors can post torrents anonymously over this website. Different types of BitTorrent trackers further track it.

The collection of torrent files on this website include genres like anime, games, publications, songs, movies, images, software, TV series, and more. However, the collection might not be as extensive when compared to other options in the list. Therefore, in some cases, you might not be able to find a torrent file of your choice. However, the ones that you do find are surely worth it.


RARBG - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Established in 2008, RARBG is another popular isoHunt search engine that also functions as an indexing solution for its users. The website supplies its users with gush data & magnet website links that ensure data sharing for peer-to-peer individuals. The platform also utilizes information transfer using a popular and renowned BitTorrent method.

The RARBG torrent platform is fairly popular among the customers that need reliable gushes for their entertainment needs. However, this unique solution for torrents is loaded with a lot of advertisements. The website’s user interface is top-notch and offers you several sections that adhere to your entertainment needs. You can obtain all the web links from this platform very swiftly without any errors.

15. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Torrent websites getting banned now and then is a regular thing, and to counteract the impact of the same, most website owners tend to have a backup in place. Torrentz2 is another mirror website by the makers of Torrentz. It is a quick and straightforward metasearch engine that is effective for most users. It combines a plethora of gush search engines that are completely free to use.

The website attracts millions of torrent users at a global level. You can easily access the website from any place and any time. Plus, the website’s user interface is amazingly fine with a minimalistic design that includes a search panel and a user menu. It is among the most enjoyable and habit-forming platforms. Torrentz2 allows the users a chance to install and download web content that could either be a movie, TV series, software, or anything you need.

16. Library Genesis

Also popular by the name LibGen, Library Genesis features a simplistic design that functions as a torrent search engine. It allows you a scope to download & install documents related to books and articles on various subjects. The website is completely free to use as a torrent search engine, with updates every few seconds. LibGen brings you numerous eBooks with updated content available for you with the touch of a button.

Each of the classifications has a collection of short articles and e-books that users can quickly download and pick with no constraint whatsoever. The website also has a well-designed search bar that could be used to search the publication title you want to download.

17. ExtraTorrent2

ExtraTorrent2 - TorrentReactor Alternatives

If you are looking for applications, media for home entertainment, or software in need, the ExtraTorrent2 website is perfect for you. It allows the visitors a chance to search, download, & install different documents promptly through the magnet links facilitated by the P2P data. This is facilitated and shared among the users in the BitTorrent technology domain.

The platform is among the popular names and a mirror equivalent of ExtraTorrent. With this website, you can browse & download the flicks almost instantly. Apart from movies, you can also download video games, applications, software, & other digital materials. An interesting fact related to this particular platform is that it provides you access to multiple sections to check out: Top 100, Browse Torrent, TV Shows, and Music.


YTS - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Are you looking for an excellent and high-quality website that packs in a library of content for users to check out? Well, nothing could beat the website. This platform is completely free for use and allows you a chance to search & download movies of the best quality. Moreover, the data size is as small as possible to ensure that you don’t have to invest a lot of time and data to download high-quality content.

This torrent website is designed specifically for movie enthusiasts in need of pleasure from HD-quality daily motion pictures. also packs in a good amount of High-Definition material that is frequently upgraded with fresh content to supply its users with.

Additionally, the website has multiple classifications like activity, combating, war-based, funny, charming, and several other categories you can refer to. Apart from being free of cost, you also don’t need to register or enroll on the website to download the motion pictures. If you wish to subscribe for the latest additions to the website, all you need to do is subscribe to the same with your e-mail address.

19. Toorgle

Toorgle - TorrentReactor Alternatives

This particular website is an online torrent search engine that Google operates. It allows the individual users to find any detail relevant to your requirements, inclusive of torrent documents. This website has a collection of 450 isoHunt internet sites known to bring in effective results for the users.

Toorgle has more than 55,000,000 torrent indexes that include a Facebook application & a firebox-based search bar. It is also a popular website for gush searches. It features a search bar similar to Google & also allows its users to search various individual terms to download different documents in multiple genres, including videos, films, video games, music, and more.

20. BTDigg

BTDigg - TorrentReactor Alternatives

A well-known BitTorrent DHT search engine, BTDigg is a website that works on the evaluation of the popular DHT network along with a real-time support system. It allows the users to opt for full-text search & holds the complete torrent content in Oriental & European languages in an active status.

This website is a completely lawful system while focusing on 2 important aspects that include Unicity and decentralization. With the decentralization option, you can search for your required document inside and beyond the isoHunt space apart from the private trackers. Additionally, the Unicity helps the users determine the requirements that are unique in nature.


QTorrent - TorrentReactor Alternatives

Are you looking for music data, video clips, books, software, or anything in the face of this world? Well, why not check out the website? This online torrent website is completely free for use and feeds its customers with information related to torrent documents. The users need to type in an accurate document name they need to search & download once it is located.

Once you click on the search button, you can see the outcome display with the name of the document you have been searching for and the data size for the same. The website design assists the individuals in need and connects them straight to the required torrent file with help from the uTorrent platform.


With this extensive list of the best TorrentReactor alternatives, we hope you can access the best movies, TV series, music, software, and whatnot. Keep in mind that any of these websites in the list can go offline or shut down at any instance. But, don’t worry, the list of torrent websites available for use is fairly extensive, and your entertainment escapade won’t end anytime soon. So, get ready for a movie night with your friends and prepare that bowl of caramel popcorn while you enjoy some HD movies. Unfortunately, when accessing such websites, you might also mistakenly download files that might corrupt your system with the virus or malware they hold in. So, make sure you have a reliable anti-virus system in place to protect your data without compromising on the entertainment factor.