How to Activate CBS Sports On Roku TV

Activate CBS Sports On Roku TV
Activate CBS Sports On Roku TV

TVs are part of every home because they are a necessity that is used for entertainment and communication. One of the renowned brands includes Roku TVs, which is a force to reckon with, owing to its outstanding quality. The features that the manufacturer has incorporated into this device give it an incredible performance.

Roku TV is an ultra-modern 4K smart TV. With it, you can stream movies, sports, shows, and live TV. From your home screen, you can access streaming channels, cable box, HDTV antenna, and satellite. It integrates automatic software updates and comes with a user-friendly remote control.

Accessing Roku TV’s set-top box is the doorway that ushers you to tune to live TV where you can stream over 150k TV episodes and movies. All these are available in free and premium channels. With all this entertainment galore, it goes without saying that Roku TV is specially designed for your satisfaction.

CBS Sports Roku Activate

CBS Sports is a famous division of the giant American TV network dubbed CBS. It is distinguished for airing UEFA Champions League, NCAA Basketball, NFL, PGA Tour, and many others. If you want to watch all kinds of games like football, handball, rugby, basketball, hockey, etc. CBS Sports is the ideal channel for you.

How to Activate CBS Sports on Roku TV

For you to access CBS Sports Network, you can use your pay-tv subscription. Alternatively, you can download the CBS Sports channel on your Roku TV. After that, activate it using the CBS All Access Subscription.

The CBS Sports channel if freely available on the Roku channel store, where you can easily download it for free. All you have to do before installing the CBS Sports on your Roku TV is to sign up for a CBS account, which is done on

After signing up, follow these steps:

  • Set up the Roku device and connect it to your TV, then finish up the setup process
  • Take your Roku remote control and press the home button
  • Go to the search menu
  • On the search tab, type CBS Sports
  • Choose the channel from the displayed results
  • On the “add channel” option, click install CBS Sports from Roku Channel Store
  • When the channel is downloaded, click “OK” in the popup that appears
  • Finally, click on Go to Channel to launch CBS Sports

At this juncture, you now have the CBS Sports channel in your Roku TV. The next step is to activate it and start watching, and you need your CBS login details to view the channel’s content.

The procedure of activating and streaming CBS Sports on your Roku TV

  • Go to your Roku TV’s channel list and launch CBS Sports channel
  • Sign in by tapping on that option
  • On your Roku TV screen, you will see an alphanumeric activation code. Note this code down and proceed to the next steps
  • Open the web browser on your smartphone or computer
  • Visit CBS Sports’ site for Roku TV activation code
  • You will find a tab where you will enter the activation code that you noted down earlier, and click next
  • Fill in your login details to sign into your CBS Sports account
  • Then confirm the details on Roku and your account will be activated
  • A successful activation is confirmed by a CBS Sports message that you see on the Roku TV screen

After following this procedure accurately and carefully, you will activate your account and start enjoying the CBS Sports channel on your Roku TV.

CBS Sports on Roku TV

CBS is an abbreviation of Columbia Broadcasting System. It was known by this name between 1928-1974, and sometimes it is called the Eye Network because its trademark logo is an eye. CBS Sports deals in sports news, analysis, highlights and results.

There are a number of methods that you can use to watch CBS Sports on your Roku TV. The easiest of all is watching through CBS’s official apps. You can also watch on apps that have live TV access and Paramount plus. There is content that CBS offers for free, while others are premium.

However, regardless of whether you are watching free or premium content, you have to unlock everything by connecting to your cable account. The old CBS streaming app dubbed CBS All Access was integrated in the Paramount Plus App.

Streaming CBS Sports on Roku TV

Streaming CBS Sports on Roku TV

CBS is among the oldest TV channels in the USA that has stood the test of time to remain soaring in the heights of sports and categories of TV broadcast. This is how to watch CBS Sports on Roku TV, regardless of whichever app you are using.

Using the CBS Sports official apps:-

  • There are diverse apps that you can use to live-stream CBS Sports on your Roku smart TV. Some of them include CBS News, CBS, and CBS Sports Stream.
  1. CBS

This is a reliable free app that gives you unlimited access to myriad curated collection of CBS programs. CBS Sport shows and episodes change from time to time. Therefore, do not expect that they remain constant. For instance, if you pay for cable, you will also have access to other content by logging into your cable provider account. You will live-stream live TV from the local CBS station.

  1. CBS Sports Stream and Stream

This is another incredible app that is available for free, which you can use to live-stream sporting shows and events from Paramount Plus, CBS and CBS Sports Network. Some of these events include NCAA, PGA Championship, NFL, and Basketball among many others. Fortunately, some of the content that you will live stream is available for free; you don’t require any subscription to watch. However, you require a cable provider to access some programs and shows.

  1. CBS News

This is another reliable app that you can use to watch live CBS News programs without the need of a cable connection or an account. You have free access to watch sports coverage, world news, local updates and entertainment 24/7.

With these apps, you will comfortably watch CBS on your Roku TV. You just have to type CBS on the search section of your Roku’s homepage for the Streaming Channels and Search.

Using Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a premium option that starts at $5 per month. However, you need a more expensive plan to access live CBS.

Some years ago, there was a comprehensive app that accommodated all CBS news shows dubbed CBS All Access App. Unfortunately; it reached its dead end and Paramount Plus app took over. The CBS originals that were available in the All Access app like the Star Trek: Discovery or The Good Fight are currently found on Paramount Plus.

The good news is that you can download Paramount Plus for free. However, you will have to sign up for a Paramount Plus account on its own. Just go to your Roku’s homepage’s Streaming Channels or Search section, and search for Paramount. When Paramount plus appears, choose it and follow up by clicking Add channel. Finally, log into your Paramount Plus after opening the app, and enjoy watching CBS content.

Watching on a Live TV app

Watching CBS Sports and other content is possible through live TV subscription packages like Live TV + Hulu plus YouTube TV. These two allow you to watch almost every channel you desire by using basic cable package, inclusive of CBS. Roku TV is ideal because it is a smart TV.

What you need to know about CBS Sports

If you are a sports fan, CBS Sports is your ultimate solution because it is a comprehensive and general purpose channel that airs all categories of sports and other programs. You can watch college basketball, MLB baseball, NFL football, NBA basketball, college football and basketball, etc. You will also get sports analysis and commentaries, whereby games are analyzed.

You will watch all kinds of games for hours until you doze off and wake up later to continue watching. CBS Sports is a commendable sports and general purpose channel that has been running for close to a century. It has also diversified to news and TV shows.

Roku TV

You can buy Roku Streaming Stick+ to live-stream what you want on your Roku TV. It is a powerful and portable long-range device that resembles an internet modem. It is an awesome wireless HD/4K/HDR gadget that comes with a voice remote, plus TV controls.

Amazingly, it is not limited to Roku TV only. You can use this stick to live-stream other channels as well. Some of them include Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Spotify, and many others.


Activating CBS Sports on Roku TV is not an uphill task as long as you follow the laid out procedure. There are many apps that you can use to access it. Some are free of charge, while others are premium and you have to subscribe. When you download the app, sign up for an account, and then log in to activate, you will be good to go. Just follow the procedure and you will be done in a moment.