How to Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

activate hallmark channel on roku
Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

Hallmark Channel is a Pay-TV channel that basically focuses on airing programs for families. For instance, you can watch a bunch of series, lifestyle shows and movies on Hallmark Channel.

The content that is aired on Hallmark Channel includes scripted movies, primetime series, lifestyle shows, etc. You can access this service on the web, on smartphones and tablets, and on Roku Smart TV. Just subscribe to any Hallmark Channel provider and this channel will be exclusively available to you.

Surprisingly, Hallmark Channel is user-friendly because you do not struggle to stream, because it is compatible with most streaming platforms including Roku TV. You just have to install and activate the Hallmark Channel on Roku and you will enjoy streaming your favorite content together with your family.

Unlocked shows are freely offered on the Hallmark Channel’s website to enable you to stream without a cable. You will view the videos without signing up for an account.

How to Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

How to Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

Roku is a media streaming player that runs on a Roku Operating System. The only channels that you can stream with this device are the ones that are compatible with the Roku OS, and fortunately, Hallmark is one of them.

Hallmark is available as a dedicated channel on the Roku Channel Store, and you can easily activate it in a moment on your Roku by following these steps:

  • Switch on your Roku player
  • Use the home button on the remote to go to the Roku Homepage
  • Select the Streaming Channels option in the menu
  • Search the Hallmark Channel on the search bar
  • Click on Add Channel and tarry for installation to complete
  • Finally, click OK on the popup screen

How to Get Hallmark Channel on Roku

Apart from the above method, there is also another procedure that you can use to activate Hallmark Channel on Roku. First of all, you have to download the app, install, and then activate it. It is a systematic process that has prerequisites that must be followed.

Follow these steps to get it right:

  • Start with launching the Hallmark app on your Roku gadget
  • After launching, an activation code will appear on your Roku TV screen. Note the code down
  • Visit the Hallmark’s Channel’s website with your PC or mobile browser
  • Write the activation code (that you noted earlier) on the tab, and click “activate”
  • After activating it, you can search for your favorite shows on Hallmark and live stream them on Roku

Is Hallmark Channel solely premium?

Fortunately, Hallmark is free to download, and you can browse the content for free without purchasing the plan or subscribing. You are only required to buy the monthly plan or go for the annual subscription to stream Hallmark titles on Roku.

There are several plans like the standalone subscription that you can buy. Alternatively, you can sign up using your satellite or cable TV service provider. The monthly subscription goes for $6 per month, while the annual subscription goes for $60.

How to Stream Hallmark on Roku

Hallmark is readily available on the Roku Channel Store. With it in place, it is just like a child’s play to stream Hallmark on Roku. There is absolutely no effort or technicalities involved. All you have to do is to install and activate it, and you can watch for as long as you want.

How to Cancel Hallmark Channel on Roku

If you are tired, bored or you no longer want to continue watching Hallmark Channel, you can conveniently cancel the subscription. Do it before the next payment cycle and your card will not be charged for services that you do not need. Follow these steps to unsubscribe:

  • Visit the Roku website to access sign in your Roku account
  • Open “my account tab”
  • Choose “select your subscriptions”
  • Go to Hallmark Movies Now Membership
  • Click on “Unsubscribe”

By so doing, you will successfully unsubscribe from the premium Hallmark plan.

Roku channel schedule and Hallmark movies

Hallmark cares about your family’s welfare and as aforementioned, it airs thrillers, romance movies, comedy, and other family friendly content. Some of the popular movies that you will watch on Hallmark are:

  • One Royal Holiday
  • The Christmas Doctor
  • A Country Wedding
  • The Mistletoe Promise
  • Ships in the Night: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery
  • Paris, Wine & Romance
  • Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After
  • Crashing Through The Window

More info about using Hallmark app on Roku

When you subscribe to the channels that offer Hallmark services, you can download the Hallmark Channel Everywhere app and watch on your Roku device. Regardless of the device that you are using, you will follow the same procedure to unlock the Hallmark app.

Activating Hallmark Channel Everywhere on Roku

You have to sign up with a cable company for you to access Hallmark Channel Everywhere on Roku. When you become a subscriber of the TV provider, you will start getting their TV services.

Follow this procedure after subscribing:

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote
  • Choose Streaming Channels that is located on the left-hand side
  • Go to the Channel Store
  • Enter Hallmark TV
  • Select the channel
  • Click OK
  • Choose Add Channel to install the app
  • Launch the application after installing it
  • Click “Sign In”
  • If you want to create an account with a TV provider, provide them with your email address and password
  • Go to this site: to find an activation code
  • Type your registration code and click Send

After following this procedure accurately, your Roku device will be activated within a short time. You will be free to stream TV shows and movies.

Features that you will find in Hallmark Channel 

Features that you will find in Hallmark Channel

Hallmark cares about its viewers and has an extensive On-Demand library that provides you with TV shows and movies that are both short and full-length. You will also be wowed by the high resolution (1080p Full HD) streaming experience. It is crystal clear, and you will marvel when watching TV shows and movies on the Hallmark Channel.

You can conveniently add Hallmark content to your personal watch-list after signing up with a TV provider. Moreover, you can use the app to live-stream the content that you want, which includes Hallmark Mysteries and Movies. Hallmark has a user-friendly interface that integrates a tab-style for easy navigation. It also fully supports a Firestick remote that you can use to navigate the Hallmark Channel.

An in-depth Review of Hallmark Channel 

Hallmark Channel Everywhere is a comprehensive app that you can use watch your favorite Hallmark lifestyle and TV shows. For instance, you can go to the app’s On-Demand catalogue and watch Hallmark’s original TV series and movies. Some other available content on this app is the Hallmark acquired shows.

You can live-stream shows on Hallmark Channel Everywhere like: A Christmas Detour, The Convenient Groom, Mystery 101, Home and Family, Chesapeake Shores, Hallmark Hall of Fame, etc. Surprisingly, you will also have free access to Hallmark originals that provides an up-to-date collection.

This channel has a lot to offer because you can also watch the Hallmark live 24/7 on the app, and Hallmark TV show sneak peeks and trailers. Moreover, you can also watch films and TV shows that are purposely produced for TV. These channels are viewed in a 720p resolution, but in some cases, you can get the movies and shows in 1080p Full HD. The quality of the picture is superior to the satellite TV’s one.

Amazingly, the Hallmark Channel Everywhere app is freely available, and you can download it to your Roku gadget, and also to your Firestick. Nevertheless, even if the app is freely available, you must sign up with an active TV provider to access this channel. If you are using the free option, you will access a small number of shows and Hallmark.

The benefits of Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel was specially designed with your family in mind. You can comfortably sit in front of your Roku TV and watch movies, series and shows without uneasiness. The content that is aired is selective and healthy to watch together with your family.

With the wireless transmission option, you can comfortably stream Hallmark’s content with many devices. This is what facilitates you to stream on Roku, Android, Chromecast, Firestick TVs, etc.


To recap, you have now learnt how to activate Hallmark Channel on Roku. It is a short and clear procedure that takes a few minutes and you will do it successfully when you follow all the steps accurately. Hallmark has a user-friendly interface that does not nag you.

If you don’t want to subscribe to premium plans, there is a free option. You can also unsubscribe from the channel at will, to avoid incurring unnecessary charges. Hallmark has free content that you can access even without subscribing to the premium option.

To top it all, Hallmark gives you the freedom of streaming from anywhere with different gadgets.