Notability: 8 Similar Android Apps to Download on Google Play


If you’re looking for the perfect note-taking app for Android, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best alternatives to Notability available on the Google Play store; check them out!

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and that is why it is possible to carry pocket tools quite efficiently to date. One of them is Notability, designed to add written notes, audio, graphics and keep up with your work activities.

This system is similar to those offered by Goodnotes, but it is only available for the iOS operating system as this platform. For this reason, many people are looking for similar applications on Android to download on Google Play. Don’t leave your screen and continue reading if you want to know the best alternatives to Notability.

These are the best alternatives to Notability for Android

  • NoteLedge
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Joplin
  • Notezilla
  • Simplenote
  • Google Keep
  • Notebook

If you are constantly taking notes or avoid carrying weight in your backpack and prefer to have your mobile or tablet as a work tool, these options, similar to Notability, can benefit you. Do you want to meet them? Ahead!


NoteLedge is an excellent multifunctional application that can help you, both at work and in your studies. Its operation is similar to Notability; the only difference is that it is available for Android.

Among its functions and features, we have the following: light pens, fonts, colors, opacity, adjustable sizes, text boxes, and more. In addition, it allows recording audio and video under a highly organized interface.


Evernote has become the perfect pocket organizer; its system allows you to take your notes anywhere, set work schedules, create and share important messages, whether from work meetings or projects.

In addition, with this application, you will be able to create notepads in various formats, including audio and video, scan and digitize documents, attach files, create task lists, reminders and even synchronize your information with all your devices.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best alternatives to Notability, and, of course, we couldn’t stop mentioning it. It is a relatively efficient digital notebook where you can create notes, take screenshots, share work, thoughts, and much more.

Its interface is highly comfortable and will help you be more organized with your daily activities. Without a doubt, it is a very functional pocket tool, especially if you want to keep track of school assignments or work meetings.


When we talk about free Android apps to Notability, we find Joplin. It is a handy platform to create notes, notes and keep pending tasks in an organized way.

It also allows copying, labeling, and modifying at any time from the comfort of your mobile. And if that wasn’t enough, it supports synchronization with all your devices.


Notezilla is another excellent alternative to Notability since its system allows you to create notes and reminders from any Android device. Its interface is quite minimalist, easy to use, and you can even take your notes and set labels and colors to differentiate them.

In addition, you will be able to configure alarms, add images, photographs, group, and organize your tasks as you prefer. Best of all, it includes a widget that allows you to place small notes on the mobile screen without opening the app.


The name suggests a simple app that supports creating digital notes, screenshots, to-do lists, activity sharing, and much more. It is straightforward, organized, and available for Android accessible.

Thanks to Simplenote, you will be able to take notes of any kind, jot down ideas that come to mind, and organize them according to your tastes and priorities since it includes labels and pins. As if that were not enough, you will be able to share and collaborate with other colleagues, synchronize and make backup copies of your information whenever you want.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a complete application similar to Notability. It is a platform to create, add, and share notes and ideas. It is also possible to record voice reminders, plan meetings or meetings, add colors, labels, and easily synchronize with computers, tablets, and any Android mobile.

If that weren’t enough, you could also attach some audios, locations, and videos to your notes to complement the information and share the content with friends and family.


To close this list of best alternatives to Notability, we have a Notebook. It is a book of notes and digital notes that you can take anywhere. Its goal is to keep your activities and tasks organized and available at any time without having to carry a lot of paper everywhere.

Among the features that make it stand out, we have: create varieties of cards, create checklists, record voice notes, record conferences, draw diagrams, add photos, scan documents, attach PDF/Microsoft Word files…, and the best Of all, it supports the personalization of your digital notebook.

As you can see, these are the eight most popular applications similar to Notability to download on Google Play for free. Feel free to check out these 7 Best Alternatives to GoodNotes for Android if you liked this article. And if organization matters a lot to you, check out these planner apps to organize your day.