Vtech Little Smart Laptop Review [Update 2020]


The Vtech Little Smart Laptop is a breathtaking, portable and small kid’s laptop that aims to introduce fun learning to your kid. It comes with a wide range of features, including an a-z keyboard that is easy on children and allows them to learn sounds and names by simply pressing a set of letters and experiencing the magic.

Vtech Little Smart Laptop Review - vtech smart little laptop

Included in this laptop are 10 fun games and activities that enable your child to discover instrument sounds, numbers, shapes, and more. Also, they get to receive virtual ecards form friends and family, and listen to interesting stories narrated by the lovely bear character.

Interesting Things to Do With the Vtech Little Smart Laptop

  • Use the included piano keys to create your own music

Learning music is one of the best ways to nurture your child’s abilities while they are still young. They not only get to add more skills to their repertoire, but also get to grow in so many ways including mentally. That’s why it is such a big deal that the Vtech Little Smart Laptop comes with piano keys.

Let your kid get in touch with their creative side, and learn to create their own music while having fun at the same time.

  • Personalize your kid’s laptop by adding their name

This laptop includes the cool feature of being able to add your kid’s name to it. This is particularly important because it gives your kid a sense of ownership. As a result, they get to develop a real sense of pride, and are truly convinced that this piece of awesome technology actually belongs to them.

In similar vein, they are challenged to become more responsible and handle the laptop with great care. This is also good news for you because you can be certain it will take quite some time before you are forced to buy a new laptop to replace the broken one.

These are some great values that will continue to benefit your kid even when they eventually become adults. Furthermore, learning to be responsible means they will get to carry themselves appropriately in other aspects of their life and even do better in school.

  • Enjoy the convenience of being able to download additional content online

While the Vtech comes with superb features already preinstalled, being able to download additional content effortlessly online is bound to give you a great deal of satisfaction and fulfilment. It means you can customize the laptop as much as you like to make it work according to your preferences.

You can include what you think will serve your kid best, and eliminate what you believe is unnecessary without going through so much trouble. Available for download are 15 e-cards, 10 stories, 30 songs and melodies.

  • Let your kid learn and play with Cora the Smart Cubs or Cody

In addition to the other included games, this is one  game your kid is surely going to find engaging and interactive. If they are already familiar with it, then that’s even better. They’ll get to enjoy it more under their own terms.

Try to encourage your kid to regularly switch between the educative content and the fun games. That way, they get to stay educated and informed each time they use the laptop.

The Criteria to Use When Evaluating the Best Toy Laptops for Your Kids

Trying to determine the best laptop to get your child can sometimes prove to be a challenging task. The searching process is often overwhelming and tedious, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for. The safest way to go about it is to pay close attention to not only the needs of the child, but also to your needs as a parent.

One interesting thing about children is that they want to be just like their parents. If they see you working on your laptop, deep down they also wish they had their own machine, so they could get busy as well. That’s precisely where toy laptops come into the picture. They are not real laptops, and you kid most probably understands this already, but they are a perfect way to introduce them to this kind of technology and let them have fun while at it.

When hunting for a toy laptop, the first thing you’ll need to consider is the age group your child falls into. This is vital because you want them to have a laptop they can easily figure out, enjoy playing around with,  and get to develop mentally while doing so.

The next thing you’ll need to consider is the features of the laptop. A suitable laptop should have a good balance of fun and educational content. In addition to having fun games; cool pictures, videos, and sounds; beautiful symbols, the laptop should also incorporate a significant amount of educational content, including lessons on foreign languages like Spanish, math, science, and more.

What Your Kid Really Needs In a Laptop

In the heat of the moment, when shopping for the best toy laptop, we might actually forget who these laptops are really meant for: kids. As such, we might get consumed in our thoughts and get mixed up in features that appeal to us, forgetting the kids are the ones who are supposed to have the final say on what they truly want.

Unlike adults, kids are not really interested in processor speed, GPU, RAM, etc. Their world revolves around fun and more fun. Therefore, the first thing the laptops should integrate is adequate fun games. Also, since kids at such a tender age present plenty of room for growth, as far as their development is concerned, there is need for incorporation of educative lessons on math, science, music, language, and more. To prevent kids form getting bored while learning, however, the lessons should be full fun too.

One aspect that can easily be overlooked is the collaboration skills your kid gets to learn as well. This is evidenced by the presence of games that feature multiplayer functionality. By playing with their friends, kids get to learn the value of sharing resources and working in a team.