Why Does Vizio TV turn off by Itself?

Why Does Vizio TV turn off by Itself
Why Does Vizio TV turn off by Itself

You are relaxing on your couch, catching up with your favorite series then your Vizio Tv powers off by itself. You ignore it as a mere accident, turn it on once more and continue watching. But then, in a few minutes, the screen goes back again. Could it be a ghost? Or is someone playing a prank on you?

Maybe, but chances may not fall on any; fret not, you can fit in a moment and keep the ball rolling. This write-up will navigate through possible reasons for the turn-off and the most applicable methods to solve it.

Why does my TV turn off by itself?

The question may sound funny, but if your Smart TV seemingly has a brain of its own, you are possibly not bursting with laughter. The juicy news is solving this issue is pretty simple if you can first identify the problem. Here is why your Vizio TV is turning off by itself.

Reasons Why Your Vizio TV is powering Itself Off

As mentioned, numerous Vizio Users have solved the turn-off problem by themselves. There isn’t a specific reason why Vizio TV keeps turning off by itself. The experience varies from one user to another. Here are various potential arguments for why your Smart TV may be on and off.

Vizio TV Turning Off By Itself

1. Problem with Power Supply

Generally, a faulty power supply would cause any electronic device to malfunction. Your Vizio TV power supply might be interrupted since the power supply board is defective or overheating, causing the TV to power off by itself automatically. If you realize the problem is caused by faulty hardware, try to replace the whole power board and observe if the problem is solved. If it’s overheating, you’ll need to follow several steps that we will underline later in this article.

Sometimes your power cable might be disconnected. But such an issue is more likely to come up in your Smart Tv isn’t lighting o completely, rather than powering off and on for no reason. Nonetheless, it’s simpler to plug the TV’s power cable in again and check if that fixes the issue.

2. Your Smart TV’s Settings

Most modern Smart Televisions come with a power-saving setting that tones down the Televisions rate of power consumption. However, this power-saving option may sometimes alter your Vizio TVs’ everyday operations and cause several issues.

Generally, Vizio Smart Televisions feature a “Sleep Timer” that automatically shuts off the Television after a given period has elapsed. The Sleep Time feature is disabled by default, but in this case, in your operations, you set it “enabled” without your notice; then, sooner or later, you see the TV turn on and off without your hand.

On the other hand, Vizio Smart Televisions also comes with an “Auto Power Off” setting that powers off the TV within minutes if it doesn’t sense a video or an audio signal. Both of these settings can be “set off.” Could you keep reading and know how to do it?

3. A Problem with TV’s Firmware

The issues with your Vizio Smart TV may result from a bug in its firmware. Probably you are not familiar with the term: Firmware is simply a type of software that helps a device run properly. Compared to the software that controls your Vizio TV’s operating System and its other applications, firmware operates close to the device’s overall functionality.

Unfortunately, if you identify that a bug causes your Vizio TV’s Issues in the firmware, there’s nothing much you can do to rectify it. Mostly, your Vizio TV will need a total firmware update from the manufacturer before it works again.

How to stop your Vizio Smart Tv from Turning Off by Itself

Check the Power Cable Connection

1. Hard Reset the Smart TV

If your Vizio Smart TV has been acting up of late, you might be thinking of getting a new one. But, before you overhaul it, a simple reset may tick the box to action in no time. Here are the steps to do it;

To hard reset a tv is to turn off your Television, wait for a short while and turn it on again. The process helps to re-sync the Smart TV and clears out possible errors that might be causing the power-offs. Primarily, it assists in clearing internet or Wi-Fi connection-related problems. If your Smart Television has issues, it’s wise to perform the complicated reset procedure to get it into good working order.

  • Turn off the device, and unplug the cables from the power source for at least 10 minutes.
  • Leaving the smart TV in a power disconnection mode helps it discharge its memory, just like a computer rebooting.
  • Connect it once again. The process enables it to get back to its normal state, allowing it to fix any problems experienced.

2. Check Vizio TV Remote power button

Vizio TV remotes are reportedly some of the most jammed remotes globally. The best way to identify whether the remote’s power button is jammed is by feeling it and any other button that you may want to be tested. Feel each control and see whether it feels jammed or loose as expected. When the remote isn’t working, you’ll need to dust it and remove possible debris stuck within the buttons. Also, use a cotton swab and clean the dust or small particles accumulated within the remote.

3. Check Connected Devices

If your Vizio TV keeps powering Off and On, the problem might lie within the unit itself or in connecting to other devices. Sometimes, an internal glitch in the connected devices may lead to your Vizio TV turn-off problem. If your TV is turning off and recurrently for several hours, it could be caused by its devices. Before resetting the Television:

  1. Try unplugging all connected devices, including the Blu-ray players, satellite boxes, and game consoles.
  2. Keep them unplugged for at least an hour before properly plugging them one after another.
  3. Try and identify the device responsible for the break-off.

Also, the HDMI CEC might cause your Vizio television’s misbehavior. To settle the problem, disconnect the Wi-Fi for some hours. Still, you can apply other functions such as streaming or volume controls. But unplugging the device is the most helpful step.

4. Disable CEC Function

Some Vizio TV brands enable users to operate or command other connected devices via the TV remote. If this doesn’t function as required, the Vizio Tv sends signals to the connected devices at inopportune moments, like when watching a movie. While the Consumer Electronic Controls (CEC) can malfunction some of the times, fixing it is a catwalk in the following steps:

  • Select menu in your remote>
  • Click System> CEC
  • And turn it off

5. Disable ‘Auto Power off Feature

Vizio Smart Tv users will tell you that their televisions tend to power off themselves when not in use or not running. This is the work of the Television’s Auto OFF feature. The feature automatically turns off the TV after a certain amount of time has elapsed. To turn off the feature, you only need to master some simple steps here:

  • Click Menu button on your TV’s remote
  • Go to Timers
  • Auto Power Off
  • From here, could you turn off the feature by unchecking it?

6. Update Firmware

Every device with firmware needs an update, and Vizio TVs are in the line for new features. For instance, if your Vizio TV keeps powering itself off, you’ll need to have an update to solve the issue; if significant, Vizio would help add more lucrative features. It’s a hassle to update many devices running firmware, and that’s why Vizio an update solution that allows you to check updates and install them with a click-through these steps: Here is how to download the SmartCast App

  • On the TV’s menu, select System
  • If there is a firmware update, accept it.
  • The smart TV would prompt you to upload and install the update whenever available.

7. Plug the TV Directly Into the Outlet

If it’s a power spike causing all the problems with your Smart TV, you’ll need to unplug it and then re-fix it after some minutes. Repeat this step several times and check whether the TV starts to operate normally.

Like many electronic devices, your Vizio TV might be getting power from the same power board, causing a spike in voltage damaging the Television. To solve the problem, plug the Vizio Tv directly into the power source (socket) away from any other device.

8. Prevent Overheating

Vizio TVs come with an overheating sensor. Once they detect overheating, they automatically power it off by themselves. Overheating is caused by several issues, such as poor airflow and excessive room heat. If the problem persists, you’ll require to install a ventilation and cooling system and even position your TV from direct sunlight. Sometimes the TV might overheat due to the accumulation of processing power. The best way to solve this is by wrapping it with a hand towel and the lowering sharpness, contrast, and color.

9. Reset factory

If nothing seems to work, then rest the TV to factory settings:

  • Click your remote’s Menu button
  • Go to System
  • Choose Reset & Admin
  • Choose Reset TV for Factory Defaults,
  • Enter 0 0 0 0 as the passcode.
  • Wait for the Vizio TV to turn off, then back on again.


Vizio TVs offer good value for money, but they are not perfect Smart Screens. As we’ve identified, there are several reasons why the TV is powering off by itself, and not all causes are easy to handle. If you’ve tried every possible step and still nothing seems to work, reach out to a certified Vizio TV operator or technician and have a leaf of their expertise.