How To Fix The Verizon Smart Family Not Working Issue?

Verizon Smart Family Not Working
Verizon Smart Family Not Working

The rising number of Verizon fanbases can no longer be ignored. Verizon has surpassed several other carriers offering the same services it does. In addition, Verizon offers multiple necessary features like messages, voice, text, internet, and calls. Altogether, all these features mark the success of Verizon.

Also, Verizon often introduces new features to its users. One of its most popular features is the smart family. However, several Verizon users are constantly complaining that it is functioning incorrectly. So, if you are also one of them who thinks Verizon smart family not working, there is nothing to worry about, as we have come up with effective fixtures.

Why is Verizon smart family not working?

The smart family feature of Verizon is designed for offering location services and also parental controls for managing the view. However, there are cases when people complain, saying that Verizon smart family not working.

Well, there is a handful of causes that can trigger the problem. They are as follows:

  • Outdated app
  • Outdated software
  • Poor or zero network connectivity
  • Active/enabled VPN software
  • Misconfigured settings

Fixtures to the problem of Verizon smart family not working

When you find out that the smart family feature in Verizon is not working, it can be pretty exhausting. So, let us see how to fix the problem.

Fixture 1: Check your plans

For every people out there, who are making use of the smart family feature of Verizon but is failing to access the feature, you need to know that the Just Kids plan does not offer you the smart family service.

So, before anything else, check if you have Verizon’s family data plans. Also, make sure that you have a standard account.

Fixture 2: Take a look at the devices support

The smart family feature of Verizon is sensitive and depends on devices. For example, the Verizon-provided Android tablet will not work with the smart family feature because it lacks the supports for messaging and calls. So, try replacing the devices that do not support calls and messages.

Apart from this, the smart family feature will fail to work if the engaged device has OTT data applications like iMessage or Messenger installed because of no support. So, in that case, the users must use such apps on their phones directly.

So, try removing such apps from your device, and try again using the feature and see if the problem still exists. Also, make sure that your device is operating on Android version 5.0 or above. If you are an IOS user, ensure that your device runs version 10.0 or more.

Fixture 3: Re-add the smart family feature

Several users have reported that they could resolve the problem by removing and then re-adding the smart family feature to their Verizon account. You can also do the same. To do this, follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Go to “Account Settings”

Step 2: Then tap on “Wireless Account”

Step 3: Then click on “Smart Family” and remove it.

Now, wait for a couple of minutes and then re-add it. By now, your issue should be solved. If not, continue to follow the fixtures.

Fixture 4: Remove VPN

If you think that the smart family feature in your Verizon is failing to work, there is a probability that the device you are constantly trying to reach has VPN installed in it. The VPN or Virtual Private Network can connect to any IP by hiding the real one. It will lead to not working on Verizon’s smart family feature.

Ensure that no such VPN software is installed and enabled. If so, manually disable or uninstall it and check if the intelligent family feature is correctly working. Also, it’s crucial to have a good VPN that you can find at since bad, free, or trial VPNs could lead to a problem with the intelligent family feature, trial, or free versions of VPN.

Fixture 5: Software Update

If your device runs on an outdated OS (Operating System), the smart family feature in Verizon may fail to work. So, try updating the firmware of all your devices involved in the smart family circle, and then try again.

According to the experts, you must keep the auto-update option enabled so that you can receive the latest firmware version as soon as it releases officially.

If the problem were occurring because of outdated software, you would prevent such issues in the future by doing this fixture.

Fixture 6: App updates

There are cases when the software updates do not solve the problem because the app itself is outdated. So, you need to update your Verizon app as well.

After your Verizon app is ready with the latest update, try the smart family feature, and see if the problem persists.

Fixture 7: Make use of companion app

Also, the smart family feature of Verizon may fail to work because no companion app is selected in the notification menu. Or, it can also be that that the family base companion has stopped.

For enabling it, all you need to do is visit the “Settings” and then locate “Notifications.” Then click on the companion app and turn the notification on.

Visit “Life Mode” in the device settings and then turn it on. Then tap on “Advanced Options” and select the companion app.

Once you have fixed all these configurations, check if you can access the tracking and supervision features for the device.

What are the methodologies for fixing other Verizon smart family problems?

Several people are also facing problems with content filters and wrong locations. So, to resolve the non-working content filters or incorrect locations, try reinstalling the app.

Also, often such problems occur because of connective. So, check if your connectivity is working correctly, and if you think that your 4G is not working correctly, try fixing it in the first place. Several users have said that they have managed to remove the problem by removing the app and then reinstalling the app right from scratch after waiting for some time.

Wrap up

If you have tried all the recommendations and fixtures mentioned above, but still, your smart family feature in Verizon is not working or facing other problems, you can contact Verizon itself for better assistance. Also, the Verizon community is quite large, so try seeking help over there as well, and undoubtedly someone will extend their hand for support.