How to Fix Standby Light Flashing Red on Samsung TV


How to Fix Standby Light Flashing Red on Samsung TV

Consumers may encounter glitches on their Samsung TVs, which don’t turn on normally but flicker with red light. The issue occurs due to a bad power supply or issues with external connections.

If your Samsung TV screen has flashing or blinking red lights, there’s a likelihood that your TV’s static red light is turned off or the smart TV is on standby. This guide will enable you to analyze the Samsung TV flashing red light issue and provide you with viable instructions on how to resolve the issue.

What Causes Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing?

Below are some of the cause of light blinking red issue:

Poor Flow of Current

Poor electric current flow is one of the lead causes of blinking red light issue. For example, suppose electric current doesn’t flow evenly to all TV components due to power surge or shorting out. In that case, it may damage various components, including the TV’s power cord, LED backlight strips, or power board that converts the voltage to flow from the main power supply. In these scenarios, the blinking light indicates that your TV gets supplied more voltage or less power energy than required.

Faulty Power Capacitors

Another common effect of an unregulated power supply is blown capacitors. Capacitors are essential components in your Samsung TV since they hold and release electricity. However, if they are predisposed to excessive voltage, they can blow up and malfunction, eventually leading to a blinking red light.

Faulty Wall Outlets and Surge Protectors

Sometimes the issue may not result from your TV but rather from accessories that your TV is plugged into for power supply. For example, the wall outlet or surge protector might be faulty, leading to the standby light blinking red TV issue. After installing power surge protector devices on your smart TV, you need to ensure they are not faulty. Samsung TV standby light flashing issue occurs due to inconsistent voltage provided by the power surge device like UPS, limiting your smart Tv from powering on and blinking red.

Shorted LED Backlight Strips

Nowadays, most Samsung smart TVs have a backlight effect that makes the picture image clearer, better, and more visible. The TV’s backlight occurs due to LED light strips separately from the screen. Once the LEDs short out, you’ll encounter the problem of red-light blinking, and the TV screen might fail to work. So, there’s a need to replace them and restore the TV functionality.

Erroneous Input Source Selection

Your Samsung TV may fail to turn on if you’ve selected an incorrect input source. Lack of signal from the source may also lead to the blinking light issue.

Firmware Installation Issue

Firmware glitches could be another cause of standby light flashing red or no picture on Samsung TV. If you switch the Samsung TV off during the installation or update of the firmware or software, you will likely encounter the above issues.

How to Resolve Samsung TV flashing red light

How to Resolve Samsung TV flashing red light

Using various techniques, you can resolve the Samsung TV flashing red light problem. However, you must ensure that all the power supply cables are fixed accordingly. Here are necessary instructions to enable you to resolve the light flashing glitch on your Samsung smart TV:

Identify the Source of the Problem

Identifying the exact cause of the light flashing red issue is crucial to resolve the specific glitch easily. In addition, identifying the cause of the problem enables you to find a permanent solution. While identifying the source of the issue, you’ll need to inspect both the TV software and the hardware. To check the cause of the problem, you can take the steps outlined below:

  • Power on your Samsung smart TV and check if the standby light is on
  • If you find light, use the remote to power on the TV
  • Then check if the LED is OFF. You’ll establish that the TV is connected to the power source if it’s off

You must verify if the TV power supply is functional by lightly tapping on its screen. If the screen blinks, then the TV’s LED is in a good state. If not, there could be a glitch related to the TV screen or remote control

Power Cycle the Samsung TV

Samsung TV standby light flashing issues may occur due to the launch configuration. To remove the launch configuration from your Samsung smart Tv, you’ll need to do a power cycle process to offset it. Launch configuration occurs automatically by this process bypasses it, and here’s how to go about it:

  • Unplug your smart TV from power by removing the power cord from the wall socket
  • Press and hold the Samsung TV’s power button for about 30 seconds
  • Plug the TV’s power cable into the wall socket and turn on the Samsung TV
  • Check if the issue is resolved

Launch configuration may cause a standby light flashing issue on your Samsung smart TV. In addition, the smart TV feature saves start-up time and holds data while shut down and failing to clear the cache may lead to glitches like preventing the smart TV from booting. In addition, your Samsung TV won’t Connect to WiFi.

Disconnect External Connectors for Your TV Ports

You are likely to encounter start-up issues on your Samsung smart TV f you have linked a gaming console to your TV, for instance, and didn’t turn the devices off appropriately. In addition, if you turn off the Samsung smart TV before switching off a PS 5 or Xbox console, the external device may prevent the TV from turning on. The latter may also attribute to the standby light blinking issue.

It’s crucial to disconnect any devices that are linked to your Samsung TV via the HDMI port since the HDMI selection failure during powering on could lead to the light blinking issue on your TV. You can unplug your Xbox, cable box, PS 5, or any other device and disconnect the TV from the power source.

Then, plug the TV into the power source, turn it on and check if the issue has been resolved. If it’s successful, change the input source to HDMI 1 and connect the other console to the TV via the HDMI 2 slot. After the process, select HDMI 2, enter console view, and switch back to HDMI 1 before switching off the TV.

Use a Voltmeter to Examine the Shorted TV Components

Once you’ve established that the surge protector or wall power outlet is the cause of the standby light flashing red issue on your Samsung TV, you should examine the components. TV components like power supply systems, power cords, and LED backlights are likely to have failed. However, before you request spare parts, you must confirm the power source issue.

A voltmeter can determine if there’s electric current flowing into your TV and your system’s weak points. The gadget determines the exact source of your TV problem. For example, if your voltmeter doesn’t show readings, yet your power outlet is working, then the outlet is faulty. In addition, if the voltmeter provides readings on the outlet, but there’s no power cord, the TV power board is defective.

Once your TV is opened up, the voltmeter can be used to identify the components that require replacement. You can also check on the LED backlights and capacitors after removing the back panel of your Samsung TV. In addition, a voltmeter is useful to determine whether you require a new power board or power cord and to examine any faulty components.

Replacement of Swollen or Blown Capacitors

The power board may malfunction if the power capacitors are blown or swollen since it affects the entire power supply system. You can replace the capacitors using the required tools and, if not, seek help from an expert. However, a lack of apt knowledge to solder or detach components may lead to hardware damage, and capacitors must be replaced professionally. Therefore, replacing capacitors is an ideal option instead of replacing the entire power board. However, with a valid warranty, you can find free repair from the distributor or help from Samsung experts.

The main cause of the light blinking red problem on Samsung TV is a faulty Power Supply. low or high voltage leads to damage to Samsung TV components. The damage to TV components occurs due to excessive inflow of electric current, since it may lead to a power surge or reduce the efficiency of the component.

If all the discussed solutions don’t fix the Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing issue, there’s a possibility that your Samsung smart TV has a hardware issue. Since a hardware issue can’t be easily resolved, you’ll need experts’ help. However, if your TV warranty is valid, you can take it to your manufacturer for repair without incurring any more charges.


When checking to examine for the Samsung TV standby light flashing red glitch, there are numerous aspects to consider. A bad power supply is one of the lead causes, among others. However, you can fix the issue upon identifying the min cause. The power cycle process, and removal of peripheral cables, among other solutions, can help resolve the issue. This guide has ideal instructions to follow and enables you to resolve the issue.