Why Is My LG TV Screen Black?

LG TV Screen Black
LG TV Screen Black

A TV is considered a reliable device that distracts us from our normal stressful day to day lives. It entertains us and often provides us with important and reliable information. However, just like any other machine, it may counter many problems.

How many times have we gotten ready to watch our best shows on TV only to be met with a black screen? In this article, we have done enough research and found possible technical issues that could be causing your LG TV Screen to go black and solutions to these problems.

Why Is My LG TV Screen Black?

Why Is My LG TV Screen Black

A number of issues can make your LG TV screen black. Some of the common issues include:

  • Loose cable connections
  • Firmware failures
  • Power issues
  • TV mode
  • Not working components
  • Outdated drivers
  • Damaged cables.

7 Ways to Fix LG TV Screen Black

In some cases simply turning the TV off and back on solves the problem, but in most cases this does not work hence leaving you frustrated. Below are some solutions to this problem.

1. Check your Cable Connections

This should be the first thing you check in case your LG TV screen goes black. Make sure all the cables of your LG TV have been correctly plugged in all the way into their respective ports.

If you can, you should try disconnecting all the cables and reconnecting them from scratch. If the connection you use is an HDMI connection, ensure you switch the cable sides. You can also try reconnecting the HDMI cables to a different HDMI slot to troubleshoot input and be sure of its efficiency.

2. Power Cycle Your TV

Power cycling your TV helps you to identify any temporary glitch that could be causing the malfunction of your LG TV.  Here are the steps to follow while power cycling your TV to solve LG TV screen black issues:

  • Unplug your TV from the power outlet.
  • Leave the TV unplugged for at least 10-15 minutes then plug it back in.
  • Try turning on your TV by pressing the power button on your LG TV continuously for about 15 seconds.

This should be able to fix a temporary glitch on your TV. If this does not help fix the problem then there are other options to consider.

3. Check the LG TV’s Connection Placement

If your LG TV has a connected component, you should ensure that the cables are correctly connected in their respective sequence. If any changes have been made to your cables connections, you can reset by unplugging for at least 30 seconds then plugging back in.

4. Update LG TV’s Firmware

At times black screens are as a result of your LG TV firmware being outdated.

Manufacturers of the LG TV are known to get better in their innovations and improve their videos as time goes by. This makes it necessary to update the TV firmware before it is outdated as the new improved versions quickly take up the market hence becoming everyone’s preference due to their improved efficiency.

Are you worried about how to update your LG TV? Here are steps to follow:

  • Go to the settings tab and search for firmware updates. This redirects you to the page of firmware updates.
  • Click on the button that reads check for update, then wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Download and install any changes that need to be applied.

It is important not to distract the update process during which your LG TV will restart a number of times.

5. Change to the Right TV Mode

At times, cases of TV screen going black can be as a result of accidental enabling of the power saving mode. When your TV is in this mode it will automatically shut off its display whenever left idling for 5 minutes or less.

If this is the case and you are having trouble disabling the Power Saving Mode, here is a procedure to follow:

  • On your LG TV remote press the Home button.
  • Select Settings then Choose Picture.
  • Select Energy Saving.
  • Ensure it is Off

If the Power Saving mode is off and your LG TV still goes off every 5 minutes turn it on then rest it to off.

6. Factory Reset the LG TV

If your LG TV screen is still black after trying all the above procedures you may try resetting your TV back to its factory settings. This solution erases all the custom settings. Thus, you may be required to customize your settings later after the reset complete.

Steps to follow while resetting your LG TV to factory settings:

  • On the LG TV remote press the Home button.
  • Go to settings then select all settings.
  • Select the General option.
  • Choose Reset to Initial Settings.

Leave your TV to complete the process of resetting without any interruption.

7. Check the TV’s INPUT

Incorrect TV input may also cause your LG TV screen to go black. A high percentage of smart TVs often have several inputs. To make sure that you are using the right input, you should check the port to which your device is connected. In most cases it can be: SAT 1, SAT 2, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

The last step for you is to connect your TV to that respective input.

If you tried all the solutions above and your LG TV screen is still black, you should contact LG for further help.  To visit the LG Home page for LG support go here.

How to Fix LG TV Screen Black with Red Light Blinking

How to Fix LG TV Screen Black with Red Light Blinking

In every LG TV there is a light on the front that blinks occasionally.  The blinking should be temporary when you turn on your TV or use the TV remote. However, if the blinking of the light on your LG TV is consistent, your TV is most probably experiencing an internal malfunction.

If this malfunction is as a result of power surge or outage a hard rest or factory reset can be used to get rid of the software errors. In case any of the circuit boards are out of order they will require replacement or to be repaired.

How to Reset LG TV with No Picture (The Hard Reset Solution)

This is more or less power cycling your LG TV. This process will clear miniature errors from the memory of the TV but it is a good option if your screen is black. The steps for this are:

  • Turn the TV off and unplug all the connected devices.
  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet
  • Press the power button and hold it for about 30 seconds.
  • Turn the TV back on after 10 minutes.
  • Check if the TV is working before reconnecting the other devices.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will erase all the custom settings you made to your TV. Thus, you will need to customize your settings again after resetting the TV. Here is the procedure that you should follow in performing a hard factory reset:

  • Press the Home button on your remote
  • Go to settings and select General settings
  • Choose reset to Initial Settings.
  • Confirm that you want to reset your TV.
  • Wait as the TV reboots to tell if it works again.

At times overheating can cause your TV to act like it is experiencing internal failures making the TV to shut down with the blinking light as a sign of a malfunction in the TV. This can also be advantageous as it prevents further damage on the TV from excess heat.

This can be easily resolved through the hard reset procedure. When the TV starts functioning again it is good to check what might have caused the excess heating on the TV.

Fixing Problems with the Circuit Board

Power Boards are the main cause for internal failure of an LG TV. They ensure less voltage distribution to the TV’s internal components by converting the high voltage entering the TV into less voltage to reduce chances of damaging the internal components of your TV.

The malfunctioning of the Power Board is mainly a result of a faulty capacitor. A capacitor ensures all dangerous currents are blocked from entering the interior of the TV therefore protecting its internal components from damage. Therefore, a malfunction of a capacitor may lead to a malfunction of the Power Board which is an internal TV damage that may cause a black screen and blinking of light on your TV.

It is easy to identify a faulty capacitor by looking at its appearance. Compare the capacitors to see which one has a distorted shape among the capacitors.

In case the Power Board is the main cause you may visit LG manufacturers for servicing.

A malfunctioning Power Board can easily lead to a malfunctioning motherboard. The motherboard is a TV’s main board, which ensures all TV components are working together. When it is damaged it may make your TV to shut down. These malfunctions may make it necessary for you to take your TV for repair or replacement of the damaged components.

The above methods may be able to restore picture on your TV leaving you content and able to enjoy your favorite shows again.


If you run into a situation where you are wondering why is your LG TV screen black or with no picture, there’s still hope. You can use the technical knowledge we’ve shared above to figure out what is wrong and get it fixed.