How to Watch MTV on Roku

MTV on Roku
MTV on Roku

MTV is an infamous and distinguished TV channel that has lots of fanciful content that the entire viewership cannot have enough of. The channel has been up and running for a long time, and has created a name for itself by offering the content that viewers want to see. If you are a fan of music, sports, documentaries, news, talk shows, films, reality shows, wildlife, fashion, live shows, etc., MTV is your ultimate entertainment center.

Surprisingly, MTV is available both on cable and satellite. If you do not use the expensive cable TV subscription, you can watch MTV using streaming gadgets like Roku.

Nowadays, the world has evolved, owing to the technological advancement that has grown and developed tremendously, since the year 2000. Therefore, TV channels’ broadcasting has also been revolutionized by the advent of smart TVs. These access the signal via the internet, whereby, they use Wi-Fi, unlike the analogue TVs that use cable; though smart TVs can also use cable.

Smart TVs came to phase out cable TVs, because they are much better, convenient, and cheaper than cable TVs. In this article, you will see how to watch MTV without a cable.

How to Add MTV on Roku

MTV is available on Roku Channel Store for free. All you have to do is to download, and install it using this procedure:

  • Connect your Roku gadget to your TV, and open the Roku Home Page
  • Choose Search from the left-hand side of the menu
  • Write MTV on the search bar
  • Choose MTV from the search results that are displayed
  • Click Add Channel to install the MTV on your Roku gadget
  • Wait as the channel is downloaded, and installed on your Roku gadget
  • Then click OK

How to Activate MTV.COM on Roku

How to Activate MTV.COM on Roku

When the MTV channel is downloaded and installed on your Roku gadget, you have to finalize by activating it using this procedure:

  • Start the MTV app on your Roku from the channel list
  • Move to the Home screen and click Sign In
  • You will see an activation code on your screen, and write it somewhere
  • Open a web browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Visit
  • You will see a tab on the above website requiring you to provide the activation code that was sent to your earlier. Enter that activation code there
  • Click Continue, and choose thy TV service provider
  • Sign in with your account’s login details
  • You will notice that your MTV channel on Roku TV will refresh automatically. From now, you are free to watch your favorite content on Roku TV

How to watch MTV on Roku with Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the reliable ways that you can use to watch MTV channel on Roku. The Xfinity stream app is available on Roku, and you have to download, and install it on your Roku gadget using this procedure:

  • Visit the Roku Home page by pressing the Home button on the remote
  • Go to Streaming Channels, and select Search
  • Type Xfinity Stream Beta on the search tab
  • Choose the channel from the displayed results
  • Click Add Channel, then wait until the download is finished
  • After the download, Select OK, and launch it
  • Choose Get Started
  • An activation code will pop up on the screen
  • Open a web browser on your tablet, PC, or smartphone and visit
  • Type the activation code on the provided tab, and click the Continue button
  • Provide your login details, and you will get a reply with a Success message
  • Your Roku screen will update. Continue by clicking Yes, and you will stream Xfinity content on Roku
  • Finally, search for MTV, and start streaming thy favorite Roku content

Watching MTV on Roku without TV provider

As earlier aforementioned, the MTV app is available for free download on Roku. Nevertheless, a satellite, or cable subscription is required to stream MTV content. But, if you do not have a cable subscription, there is an alternative way that you can use to access MTV on Roku, which includes distinguished streaming services like:

  • AT&T TV
  • Vidgo
  • YouTube
  • Sling TV
  • Philo
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • DirecTV Stream Now

You can access all these streaming services on Roku, and even download them from the Roku channel store. After downloading, you have to subscribe to their premium subscription plans a.k.a packages, to stream the MTV channel.

Amazingly, you are not limited to streaming only on Roku TV, but also on other gadgets like smartphones, computers, and tablets. Consequently, you can live-stream MTV from anywhere without a cable.

Streaming MTV without cable or satellite subscription

Streaming MTV without cable or satellite subscription

One of the most pocket-friendly, and convenient ways to stream MTV is via Philo. This is the most commendable and easiest methods of watching MTV Live online. With Philo online TV streaming service, you can access:

  • MTV Live
  • MTV
  • MTV 2
  • MTV Classic
  • 60+ channels

All these are available at a fee of just $25 per month. However, it also has a 7-day free trial that you can use to stream for some days to have a fore-taste, before making your decision of, either canceling, or paying for the subscription. Philo also has an unlimited cloud-DVR service that gives you enough space to record hours of your favorite content that you can watch later. Three users can simultaneously stream Philo very conveniently.

Philo is compatible with:

  • iPad and Apple iPhones that run on iOS 9, or newer Operating Systems
  • Android tablets, phablets, and smartphones that run on Android version 5.0, or newer
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Sony Smart TV
  • VIZIO Smart TV

However, there are few gadgets that you cannot use to stream MTV, and they include:

  • LG Smart TV
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Xbox

When you have the above, you will not miss fabulous shows like:

  • Are You The One?
  • Ex on the Beach
  • Teen Mom OG
  • The Hills: New Beginnings
  • Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
  • Ghosted: Love Gone Missing

Some of the channels that you can access on Philo include:

  • Investigation Discovery
  • Lifetime
  • Comedy Central
  • A&E
  • BET
  • AMC
  • Nickelodeon
  • Food Network
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HGTV
  • Discovery
  • Travel Channel
  • TLC
  • WE TV
  • VH1
  • Paramount Network
  • History

How to Stream on MTV on Fire TV

Fire TV is also another service that you can use to stream the MTV channel. You can access it using this procedure:

  • Subscribe to any of the aforementioned services that carries MTV
  • Go to the Fire TV Home Screen, and click the search icon that you will find on the upper-left corner of the screen
  • Type the name of the streaming service that you have subscribed to on the search tab
  • Choose the streaming service, and click OK
  • Choose Download, and that will trigger the app to download & install
  • After downloading and installing the channel on your Fire TV, open the app and sign in with the login details that you used to subscribe to the service

Premium subscription services’ charges:

  1. DTV Stream: $70 per month
  2. fuboTV: $65 per month
  3. Hulu: $70 per month
  4. Philo: $25 per month
  5. Sling TV: $35 per month
  6. YouTube: $65 per month

Fortunately, all these premium services also have free trial periods of 3 days, 5 days, while others have 7 days. With them, you will be free to stream MTV very comfortably from anywhere.

What you need to know about MTV

MTV began in 1981, and there are many things that have changed over the years, until today. In the beginning, this channel concentrated a lot on music. Afterwards, MTV invented reality shows, and that brought about a new generation of stars. Currently, it is an all-inclusive channel that has incorporated all genres of content ranging from comedies, reality shows, music, drama, films, etc.

As earlier aforementioned, MTV is now accessible both on cable and via satellite. You can also watch it online, and this diversity suits all categories of the viewership. With satellite broadcast, there is no reason to waste your hard-earned cash; paying for expensive premium cable subscription plans.

It is easy to stream MTV using the various platforms that have been discussed above. There is no need of spending your money on cable TV when there are other better and cheaper options. These services stream over the internet, charge less, and the viewership does not have to sign lengthy contracts with the service providers. MTV is common among the channels that most major TV channels offer. That is why you do not struggle to find it.


To put it altogether, you now know how to watch MTV on Roku without a cable. In fact, it is easy and convenient, because all you have to do is to download, and install the MTV app on your Roku gadget, and activate it. Then follow the laid down procedures that have been given above, and start streaming MTV on Roku.